About Erik and the Divine Team

Erik Rune Medhus, my son who took his own life October 6, 2009, has a fascinating story, which has been the subject of two documentaries and is now being filmed for a third. Find out more here:


Although he had been a spirit guide for his first several years in Heaven, he is now an Archangel, one of hundreds according to the Grinmoire Complete Compendium of Known Angels and Archangels. However, he isn’t the usual angelic being who starts sessions with “Welcome my Dear One.” He very authentic and relatable, and he loves swear words, is mischievous and enjoys pranking us humans. Basically Erik is a very loving and wise rascal here to help us all. 

Erik is also part of what I refer to as “The Divine Team,” the group of Light Beings who help me with all the work I do through Atlantis Scalar. Please meet them here and send them love, respect and gratitude:


Source, the Universe, all of God’s Archangels, including Archangel Erik, all of the benevolent celestial constellations in the Universe, Apollo and all of the Heavenly bodies in His Solar System, all of the benevolent interdimensional beings in the Universe, Yeshua Ezechial Christ, Saint Francis, Mother Mary, my Guardian Angel, Veronica, many other Guardian Angels, my spirit guides and my Higher Self, among others.