Our Healing Team

Michelle Gray
Certified Usui Reiki Master


My name is Michelle Gray of “The Healing H-art.” I am a spirit translator and interdimensional communicator, a Psychic Medium, Healer, Artist, Writer and teacher. I am a certified Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and a natural Energy Alchemist.  I assist souls in shifting energetic frequency, removing blockages and healing through emotional, physical and subtler, spiritual levels. This helps them uncover their soul’s purpose, their life’s blueprint, and their unique abilities in this lifetime. I also write and channel as a spiritual artist, channeling spirit [ortraits and artwork from deceased loved ones, guides, angels and extraterrestrials. Last, I provide mentorship, workshops and classes with my purpose here on Earth, helping souls step into their own power. I specialize in spiritual awakening, ascension and development of ability for adults, teens and parents of intuitive and empathic children. 

Healing sessions 

Energetic sessions guided by Michelle with Spirit specifically custom to your emotional and spiritual blockages through higher realms.

Denise Ramon
Intuitive Medium


My name is Denise Ramon.  I am an Intuitive medium, healer, mentor and teacher. Since childhood, I have felt the power of healing and have been working with a group of Beings called “The Gods”. My Life’s purpose is to renew and lift Earth’s brothers and sisters. I connect with passed loved ones and assists with the ability to soothe hearts of those who are grieving. Divine Guidance naturally flows through me and provides me with the information and tools an individual will need to heal. I assist each soul in finding their unique fingerprint for their Life Plan. With patience and care, I can create a custom wellness plan that is designed specifically for you!

Healing Experience

Denise and her Spirit team connects to your energy field and, together, send vital forces through you. What you receive depends on your needs and is custom tailored for you from Source.

Jackie Benson
Holy Fire® Reiki Master


My name is Jackie Benson. I’m an intuitive artist, healer and mother of two. I am a Holy Fire® Reiki Master and certified Psycho-Spiritual Alchemy Life coach. I’m passionate about helping you to uncover your own innate wisdom and transformative abilities within.

I work with the Holy Fire® Reiki energy which purifies, empowers, and protects. It comes from the highest level of consciousness as unconditional love to promote healing within the mind, body and spirit.

As a Spiritual Life Coach and Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Master, I work to guide you in getting to the heart of an issue, uncovering the truth within yourself so that you can heal old wounds and move forward with clarity, peace and empowerment.

Linda Hack
ULC Ordained Minister


Linda Lee Hack is a published poet with the National Library of Poetry and author of “Channeling of September 11, 2001” available on Amazon. She’s currently co-authoring a book on awakening to spirituality with her husband, David L. Hack.

Linda has been an active channel since 2014 after coming out of her comfort zone, and began sharing her light language with others. By doing so, her channel abilities then unfolded to her. She has spent her time knowing she is meant to awaken others with her abilities.

At the age of 12 she was slain in the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues, known in this modern day as Light Language, Soul Language, and Language of Light. She is an activator of all the Holy Spirit gifts through light language, if you have reached that point on your path to receive. She has the ability to channel all things spirit and out of our earth world to universal beings.

Linda finds with her clients she often counsel with them during her sessions, helping them to understand the messages that have come through. Linda also offers spiritual awakening counseling guiding along the way as you continue to grow in your new abilities.

Linda was Ordained as a Minister of ULC September of 2019 and has completed the FIRST, SECOUND and THIRD Degree Course in the Reiki Method of Natural Healing.Linda has a Certificate of Completion in INTROSPECTIVE HYPNOSIS with ANTONIO D. SANGIO. Linda is also a channel for the Misfits Mediums with Erik Medhus.

Kim Voigt
Psychic Medium


My name is Kim Voigt. I started a career in nursing over 30 years ago and early on realized she was being called to alternative therapies.

Working in nursing she was naturally inclined towards healing touch and started there. She started a home business Embody LLC, energy repatterning, channeling and psychic medium services using many different modalities.

In 1997 Kim started practicing hands of light, healing via the human energy field. In 2002 she became a certified hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist. In 2006  trained in Self Awareness program. In 2016 trained in myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy and has implemented those into practice.

Kim also utilizes sound via Singing crystal bowls and tuning forks in sessions and offers twin flame services. Is a psychic medium and an Ordained ULC Minister.