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The Process

What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar energy, unlike every other form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum, has the power to carry information over infinite distances without ever degrading. With the use of a scalar energy transmitter and receiver, that information can find any person or animal when given identifying information and a physical address. That information is then integrated into the energy of the lifeform whether it’s to destroy the DNA of all pathogens, to stop snoring or teeth grinding, to lower the weight of the physical body to an ideal level, to bring financial abundance and much more. Scalar energy has the power to transform realities for the better.

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Main Scalar Energy Service

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What our customers say

“This service has been amazing!! It has been almost three weeks since purchasing and the changes are both inside and out!” 


“I went to you for help and you saved my life. The energy work you did on me snapped me out of my victim mind and I got some clarity and the biggest pair of balls filled with self-love, respect and joy.”


“It’s only been a week since the work was done, but I have noticed major pain relief in my body.  Hemorrhoids are gone.  Menopausal issues are improving.  Joint pain is absent too. Game changing stuff!! Didn’t realize how miserable I was until relief arrived.  Incredible feeling to wake up to a happy body.”


“This is the medicine of the future!”


“Elisa you did the unblock heart arteries “Atherosclerosis” and the healing of the 2 scars I had on my heart because of 2 heart attacks I had…3 months later… the results of the heart MRI: my arteries are all unblock, no arteries blocked at all, and my 2 scars that had been there since the first heart attack in 2016 and the other in 2017 are gone …there is nothing there!”

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Scalar energy has the power to transform realities for the better.

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