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There is more to Atlantis Scalar. Atlantis Scalar advocates for a large team of spiritual healers and mediums who have helped people just like you. Think of this page as a resource for those who want to connect with these talented individuals.

Jennifer Doran

My objective is to connect people with their loved ones that have crossed over and to give people guidance in their own lives. Losing a loved one is so very difficult. I’m grateful for this ability that brings people comfort, happiness, and shows them that their loved ones are safe and at peace. My wish for everyone is that Spirit comes through with a message that brings them peace and helps to ease their sadness as well as gives them direction for their lives.

I have 20 years of experience doing readings with private clients. For 18 years I did reading in conjunction with massage therapy. Since 2014 I have done straight readings for private clients, as well as worked in Cassadaga since July of 2016.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do. It is my intention to help as many people as I can with the gifts that I have been given. I am easy going and get along well with all types of personalities. In addition I am reliable, responsible, and professional.

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Denise Ramon

Since childhood, Denise has been aware of her powerful gift of healing. Although she was unsure of where it came from and unable to openly discuss it, she still kept it close.

Yet, Spirit was not willing to remain silent and reminded Denise that her life purpose was to lift and renew her fellow Earthlings.

Today, with Denise’s connection to the afterlife, she is able to bring comfort to those who are grieving.

With Divine guidance and her own patience, Denise is able to craft a tailored wellness plan for each individual, taking into account their unique needs.

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Ginger Bayley

Perception is an individual experience and spiritual understanding can explain why traditionally “bad” things seem to happen in this world. Being able to connect to the spirit world is a natural ability we are all born with, it’s just a matter of remembering how. This can give you peace of mind during your journey here on earth.

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the grieving process is sometimes unbearable. I can help to ease that pain by connecting you with your loved ones who have passed, bring you loving messages, and share with you what happens after life ends in this physical world.

The spirit world lacks a linear time line like we experience here on earth, so every soul is living their past, present, and future incarnations at once. It can be a little much for the human mind to comprehend, but we all have what is called a higher self or parent soul. This is our soul in its perfection on the other side of the veil and all our incarnations are a part of that higher self. I can connect with your higher self to help you learn about the other lives you’ve lived or will live from a linear point of view. Sometimes it can bring understanding to any issues you may be having in your present life.

If you’re one of many who suffer from an illness or injury I can help with healing energy and spiritual guidance. I can also teach you how to use your own mind to heal yourself.

Sometimes we feel stuck in life or lost and alone. I can help you find solutions to issues holding you back by helping you find purpose to continue with a life that’s fulfilling. Everyone living this human experience has at least one guide by their side, most have more than one. You are never alone, and I can show you how to meet your guide(s).

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Courtney Dillon

Mediumship Session

In a mediumship session, I connect with your loved one who has crossed over. I bring forth messages of healing, connection, and closure. I energetically connect with their energy and receive both clairvoyant images and words spoken to me as thoughts. My job is to convey these messages as clearly as possible. Often, other friends or family show up during the session.

A mediumship is a good place to connect with those who have crossed over and to receive guidance or clarity on life decisions. It is also possible that family will show up during an intuitive session if healing is needed. Ultimately, I open to receive messages that will assist your life and your healing at this time. 

Intuitive Session 

In an intuitive session, I will connect with your energy field to receive messages about where you are in your life and clarity around decisions. I receive messages as pictures and words from your prominent guides. It is useful if you bring questions or areas of concern. Often, questions will come up during the session prior to your asking them. In a session, I will look to the energetic root of any problem that you have.

If an energetic pattern presents, we will work together to heal any energetic blockages in your field. Often, issues present themselves as past lives or early childhood experiences that require healing. We will work together to heal the Soul wound. Each session is uniquely tailored to you and what you most need at this time. A session will help you move forward with clarity and direction. 

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Veronica Drake

I’m Veronica Drake, an Intuitive Medium & Intuitive Business Coach with almost two decades of experience. I am here to help you have more clarity, consistency and confidence–whether it comes to making decisions in your life, or in your business. I’m so glad you are here: THE place where intuition and intellect unite to help you live your best life based on the stage of life you’re currently in.


Guiding women to become decision-making powerhouses, radiate unshakable confidence, and unearth their life’s purpose through intuitive development, paving the way for a rock-solid foundation built on unwavering trust.


I envision a tribe of unstoppable women, living lives full of confidence, empowered by their intuitive instincts, and navigating the world driven by their purpose—you are built on strength, authenticity, and unbridled wisdom!

Come Join Your Tribe in the Intuitive Incubator.

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Michelle Gray

Michelle works closely with the Spirit world, and her Guardian Angel Bronwen and her Spirit guide Erik.  She is able to use many avenues to Heal and transform her own life as well as assisting others on their own Journey.

Michelle brings forth messages, hope and guidance through inter-dimensional channeling, spirit portraits and ,energy healing.  Michelle also Speaks, teaches and writes transparently about her life and the experiences she has had along her path, and what she is experiencing every day as Her entire family has made a paramount transformation. Michelle often likes to talk about the interesting experiences her children bring forward from Spirit.  She feels that she is just as much a student as she is a teacher, and she loves to see others become empowered to be who they truly are!

Michelle describes the way she works with Spirit as Unique!  She respects her relationship to the spirit world and only connects with the light, and for the best of everyone involved! 

Follow along for posts on inspiration and personal stories and channeled messages. Michelle uses social media to also share her Spirit art and her metaphysical  mama stories, along with her passion for helping others who are raising open and empathetic children during these times of ascension.

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Lauren Martini

The beginning of my professional journey began in the behavioral health field. This is where I learned the importance of individualized support, and transition of life and coping skills. I also took with me the art of navigating and working with court and social systems, medical facilities, and treatment teams. As I moved on into an inside and outside sales position, and executive positions for non-profit organizations, I was always missing something…

I solidified my path, gathered all my experiences and skills to form, Guiding Perceptions. An outlet to provide spiritual support and community resources for those who might be perceiving the world from a contrary view.

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Lauda Leon

Sovereign Ki serves as a Meta-KI-QINETICS© psychic counselor, forensic anomalous profiler, Spirit seer and practitioner of Spirit energetics in her operating capacity as a quantum energy shifter. She works as a facilitator toward personal healing, utilizing both innate and learned abilities towards excavation of soul memories, created time-lines, densities and multi dimensional realms of existence. Her ever evolving, lifelong abilities are additionally aided via more conventional means of learning through university studies within the fields of psychology, anthropology, archaeology and environmental politics which enhances the parapsychology excavation process. The Universal Spiral Creation is the Key to all experiences and all levels of Creation. Herein Sovereign Ki shares the keys for self emancipation and one’s Verse in Sovereignty and power. 

The primary focus of service is in merging the complex dynamics of psychology, emotions, mind, body and Spirit toward heightened comprehension of our current paradigm upon all its levels and layers. She acutely assesses one’s traumas and personally coaches clients toward their energy Healing and balancing requirements with a holistic focus upon one’s well-being. She examines core issues and the ‘big picture’ in all her client work, seeking the root causes of issues arisen. 

Her acute perception of quantum healing energy fields upon it’s many dimensions, levels and time-lines can access elements that are often buried, lost or hidden within the fabric of these quantum layers and folds.

Her passions involve uncovering and investigating personal and group anomalous trauma set-ups, personality disorders and the often unseen forces of paranormal interference, offering deep insight for her clients to access memories, collapse self- limiting paradigms, and in turn Heal core emotional wounds towards their Spiritual Integration and ultimately Sovereign Freedom.

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Nora Hazel

Nora is a channel of Divine Healing & Clearing Energy for People, Pets & Homes. She is Angelically & spiritually guided to channel & direct God’s Divine Healing Energy wherever it is needed. As a channel, she facilitates this Divine Connection. She works with God, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters & Guides.

Nora also Clears all negative low vibration energies & blockages from People & Homes.

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Amanda Holderness

I have always been an intuitive soul, but it wasn’t until I took Angelic Reiki a few years back that my particular gifts emerged far beyond what I ever imagined. It took me time and LOTS of convincing, but my team (Erik included) was persistent with me in the fact that I needed to take a step forward in this journey and share my gifts with others. For me, the reason I took Angelic Reiki was to heal myself. I never expected anything of the class other than to walk away with tools to help me in my journey. However, by the second day I was connecting to spirits on the other side, diving into past lives, seeing angels… and I quickly realized there was way more to this for me! Today, I am an Angelic Reiki Master, Medium, QHHT Practitioner, and Teacher. I enjoy and offer distant angelic reiki healing, past life sessions, QHHT past life regressions, and angel/intuitive readings! My true passion is TEACHING and getting to know all of you, so I highly encourage the curious souls out there to join me in my classes!

I look forward to connecting with you!

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