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Our Recommendation

For human named , to address issues related to , we suggest the following services. Also please read Ordering Tips, Pre-order Recommendations, What to expect and Answer to common questions sections below.

Our Recommendation

For , to address issues related to , we suggest the following services. Also please read Ordering Tips, Pre-order Recommendations, What to expect and Answer to common questions sections below.

Want additional confirmation from Erik? Ask one of our wonderful mediums HERE.

Ordering Tips

For the main scalar service, make sure to type in the full legal names (no initials) of all humans and the first names of all animal companions, preferable in a vertical list or separate the names with commas. In some cases, it’s hard to determine when one name ends and the other begins. NO NEED TO INCLUDE RELATIONSHIPS like “spouse” or SPECIES like “cat” with those names.

For those services that are for only one human or animal, please follow the same instructions when typing in their name and address.

Make sure the physical address is complete, including the postal code.

If ordering for another person who you think might be resistant, you don’t need to tell him or her. We always ask permission from the Higher Self. This technology is based on the physics theory that “Thought Creates Reality” and we don’t want thoughts like, “I don’t deserve to be healthy and happy” or “This is too good to be true” playing tug-o-war with the “thoughts” delivered into the scalar energy waves via the scalar scripts.

Pre-order Recommendations

Please read the description box for the service, and, if there is a video included, please watch.

If you’d like to hear from Erik about the success of that service you plan to order, you can ask him on one of our Tuesday evening Hour of Enlightenment Radio Shows or ask during any of our YouTube Lives. Please subscribe to receive emails so that you have all the information you need such as dates and times, links and other instructions. We only send emails to announce these events and sales.

You can also ask via one of the mediums who answers yes or no questions for a very low price. For instance, ask if there are any irrevocable spiritual contracts, if there are any energetic blocks, conscious or subconscious and of course, if the service will be highly successful. Currently, only 4% see no results and it’s almost always due to an energy block. When medium, Michelle Gray, reads the persons energy, she always sees the scalar instructions waiting at the person’s auric field. Often watch testimonials on the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel or TikTok will release those blocks. Here is the link to the yes or no questions page:

Read the information on this page which also includes a video of Dr. Medhus explaining how the process works:

What to expect

Our normal backlog is 7-10 days. Dr. Medhus works an average of 14 hours a day, including weekends. Each service takes around 10 to 14 hours of continuous work in the scalar field.

After your service is complete, Dr. Medhus will send you an email to that effect, often with other information when necessary.

Every service has an approximate time to initial and to maximum results at the bottom of the description page.

If your physical issue is complex, Dr. Medhus may ask for medical information such as imaging and lab results. She spends a long time researching so that each scalar script is customized and based on the latest medical and scientific research.

We often recommend signing up for tune-ups for the main service every 6 months, depending on how the person is feeling. Sometimes, results get better and better, so it’s like peeling away the layers of an onion. Plus, additional instructions are often added to these massive 11-14 page long scalar scripts, making these twice-yearly tune-ups even more beneficial. We get dental cleanings twice a year; shouldn’t we take care of our energy at intervals, to? If you sign up for tune-ups, you’ll receive a reminder. If you and your household are doing well, then there’s no need to order the tune-up. You can also get tune-ups for the individual services. Tune-ups are at a lower price than the original service.

All video testimonials receive a $100 coupon to apply to other services, and during video testimonial contests, the reward is often for a full service valued at $400 or less.

Answer to common questions

Do I have to be home at the time of the service?

No, you can be anywhere as long as you listed the legal physical address where you live for the majority of time.

Can I add other people even if they don’t live under the same roof as me?”

No, because when that person’s home, land and possessions aren’t treated energetically, any non-benevolent entities can become angry and wreak havoc.

Can I exclude people who live with me?

No, because they can affect your energy, and it doesn’t cost more to include them.

If tenants live on my property, should I include their names?

Yes for the same reason as the answer to the question above.