The Atlantis Scalar

Origin Story

Why Atlantis Scalar?

A beloved relative announced to everyone that he had two types of aggressive cancers and was engaged in end-of-life planning. There was no hope. But I love this man so much that I, as a physician and as someone who adores this man, researched for days and days to try to figure out a way to save him. That’s when I stumbled upon scalar energy as a way to heal. The rest, as they say, is history. But here’s a bit more of that history

The Energy Tear

I had been posting to the Channeling Erik blog, having sessions with my wonderful CE mediums, posting them on the CE YouTube channel, airing the Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment every Tuesday night for many years as well as opening my home to mediums to host 3 to 4-day events to Channeling Erik followers so that they wouldn’t have to rent an expensive venue. Plus, the attendees loved the idea of visiting Erik’s childhood home, videotaping his room and capturing his orb, asking him to turn pink or other colors, sit in his mama’s lap, etc. 

As many know, I never profit from anything related Channeling Erik, for obvious reasons. In fact, I gave up a lucrative career as an Internal Medicine physician to work with Erik because I felt, deep in my heart, that, together, he and I could help more people. And I was right. So cutting ticket prices by opening my home for these events was a great idea. Oftentimes, people who seek spiritual answers also have financial troubles. 

During one of these events, medium Raylene Nuañes showed us how to use dowsing rods to find and close tears in energy. She found several energy tears throughout the interior of my home. Frankly, I had never heard of such a thing and was, at best, skeptical.

Next, Raylene checked the backyard and found a huge energy tear where we had just cut down an old water oak that must have been nearly 400 years old. It was rotten through and through, riddled with termites and a true hazard since one of its largest branches draped over our master bedroom. 

As Raylene closed the energy hole, she gasped and said, “Whoa, some heavy Native American shit went down here!” That rang true because where I live, Native Americans were quite prevalent, and there’s a bayou running nearby named, “Buffalo Bayou” because that’s where they used to steer the buffalo so that they would break their legs since the sides of the bayou were so steep, and Buffalo orthopedic surgeons were on short supply at the time. 

In retrospect, I recalled my husband, Rune (He’s Norwegian, so they have weird names.) and I saw a cute little Eastern screech owl on a branch where the water oak had been freshly cut down. It looked perfectly fine, a healthy glean to its eyes, lively movements to its limbs and head. But the next day, Rune found it dead under the branch where it had been perched.

The Idea

Two or three years later, a crazy thought entered my mind, and I swear it didn’t feel like it came from my own brain: “I wonder if there are energy tears or energy vortexes in my home still?” And using Raylene’s technique, I found that our home was essentially Swiss cheese, riddled with holes! In particular, in Erik’s room, there were 3 energy tears in his closet, one over the nightstand by his bed, one over the middle of his bed, one at the foot of his bed right next to his bed and one right where his desk used to be. I closed them all the way Raylene taught me, then reflected on each of them for a while.

It hit me a few minutes later that the one over the nightstand was where a water bottle started spinning when my 5-year-old granddaughter, Arleen, was sleeping in Erik’s old bed. She freaked out, saying that Uncle Erik was playing games, flicking the light off and on at the same time. 

The energy tear over the middle of his bed was over a drawer where he had his gun hidden. The one at the foot of his bed next to the wall was where the bullet lodged after he had shot himself, and the one where his desk had been was the place where he had actually taken his life. 

So I realized at that moment that I could heal the energy of not only my own energy body and home, but the energy bodies of my husband and children. When I did, the results startled me. 

The Result

The day after I did energy work on my son, Lukas, he went from making $15/hour as an intern with his company to receiving a call from the same company offering him a 2 to 3-month position in California making $12,000 a month and then after that, an indefinite position making $16,000 a month. And when I did energy work on my 4th year medical student, Annika, she made one of the highest Step 2 test score in the nation, a score she admittedly called, “stupidly high.” I came to the conclusion that, ‘This shit works!’

As to my relative with cancer, he’s still alive and both types of cancer have dramatically reduced and continue to do so. I hope this trend continues.

The Process and More

About Energy Tears & Vortices

What are Energy Tears and Vortices?

First, one must know that everything is energy, even you. Einstein referred to matter, such as the keys my chicken drumstick -like fingers are typing on, “frozen light.” Energy tears are essentially openings in our energy body. Some might refer to this energy body as our “aura.” And everyone’s aura vibrates at a different frequency. In fact, every form of energy vibrates at its own unique frequency: X-rays, UV rays, radio waves, infrared waves, microwaves, etc. Our energy vibrates within a tiny, tiny sliver of this “electromagnetic spectrum” of energy frequencies. That’s where we see things. That’s where matter is. That’s where our entire world is. So, anything that vibrates at a frequency above or below the visible range is invisible to us.

But think of a hummingbird for a moment. When it sits quietly on a branch, you can see its wings, but once in flight, those little wings beat at such a high frequency that they’re all but invisible.

Often you hear that those who grieve the deepest are the last ones to feel their loved one’s presence, to receive a sign or visit. There’s a reason for this. When you’re deeply depressed, the frequency of your energy gravitates to the lower end of the visible range. That’s why we use phrases like, “I’m feeling down,” “I’m feeling low.” “I’m feeling depressed.” Expectation does the same thing. It moves you to a lower frequency. Have you ever noticed that when you’re down or when you have expectations you feel heavier, denser and when you’re elated you feel lighter and more buoyant? So, imagine how hard a spirit has to work to lower their energy so that they can reach you at the bottom of that scale? So, if you miss someone, try thinking of happy thoughts. Easier said than done, of course, but give it a whirl.

There are two types of energy “portals”: those that should be closed but are open, and those that should be open but are closed.

This is dark energy on the lowest part of the light spectrum. It vibrates at a frequency that is at the lower end of the Light spectrum and is attracted to like energy, energy that is also at a very low frequency, The lower your frequency, the more energetically vulnerable you are to attract negative energy into your own energy and hence into your life.

  • People who have experienced emotional, sexual or physical abuse, particularly as a child or adolescent.
  • People who have experienced other forms of trauma whether to themselves or a family member, such as the death of a parent or another person to whom they were extremely close
  • People who have experienced hospitalizations, especially long stay ones and those requiring admission to critical care units
  • People who are addicted to or have been addicted to drugs and alcohol
  • People who suffer from mental illness, especially depression and schizophrenia. (Note, often this can be misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.)
  • People who have had near death (out-of-body) experiences, especially during surgery

Signs You May be Affected by Negative Energy:

  • As a child, you tended to have a lot of tantrums and outbursts.
  • You tend to have a fear of the dark.
  • You tend to be irritable most of the time.
  • You are unreasonably fatigued.
  • You have a feeling someone is following you and feel the need to look over your shoulder.
  • Your eating habits undergo drastic changes.
  • You feel someone or something is controlling your or your mind.
  • You have a physical condition or strange signs and symptoms that your doctors can’t figure out.
  • You have trouble sleeping and sometimes wake up unable to move and arm or a leg or even feel pinned to the bed, unable to move.
  • You wake from sleep with the sense that you had just been sexually violated.
  • You often seem to be negative or in a bad mood.
  • You seem to attract darkness in your life.

Any form of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual illness. Negative energy commonly traverse these energy tears, pulled magnetically to anything related to fear and low vibrational energy: 

  • Negative emotions like depression, anxiety, anger, frustration
  • Substance abuse, particularly alcoholism
  • Mental illness
  • Physical illness
  • Difficulty finding and keeping employment
  • Unstable or toxic relationships
  • Difficulty finding joy in life
  • Acne and other complexion problems
  • Physical pain throughout the body
  • Gastrointestinal issues, problems digesting foods
  • Problems sleeping which contribute to depression

*This is not an all-inclusive list.

Open tears in one’s energy body but shouldn’t be are  holes in your energy. These can also exist in inanimate places such as homes, etc. Through these holes, negative energies can pass through and wreak havoc. They are always caused by trauma, either one big acute trauma or a series of smaller ones. The trauma can be in any form. A death of a friend, relative or member of the immediate family, an injury or illness of the same, a history of sexual abuse, etc.

Signs and symptoms of open energy tears are the same as signs and symptoms for having negative energies around or attached to your energy body (aura). See below.

These are considered the “good” energy vortices, the ones that let in information from which you can benefit, creativity, streams of consciousness, and, of course, the ever-important abundance…abundance of every form whether it’s love, health, wealth or more. Trauma can also snap these shut, as can a string of betrayals, disappointments, discouragement, disillusionment, overly high expectations of self, others setting paths for you that don’t honor your own truth, multiple setbacks and blows to one’s self-confidence, loss of faith, a sense that one has lost too much time in fulfilling one’s dream, etc. 

  • Sense of feeling stuck of being lost on one’s path
  • Knowing, intuitively, that the abundance you know you are capable is there, but you haven’t been able to attain it 
  • The sense that disillusionment and self-sabotage is your greatest enemy where finding success is concerned 
  • Feeling like you deserve more than you are receiving
  • Never seeming to find true love, Mr. or Ms. Right

*This is not an all-inclusive life

If you have any of these symptoms or know someone who does, perhaps it’s time for a transformation that is permanent and less costly than your last month’s cable bill. Even the most expensive option is less than half the price of an iPhone. 

First, a Brief Lesson in Scalar Energy

To understand the work that I do, usually 10 hours a day or more, you must take a little course in physics and learn about the miracle that is Scalar energy. Don’t worry. This will be a fun little field trip with no pop quizzes. 

Scalar energy was discovered many years ago, but since then it has largely become forgotten. James Clark Maxwell, a Scottish scientist born in 1831, first discovered Scalar Energy. Maxwell made great contributions in the field of mathematical physics. He formulated the theories of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields. 

Then, the brilliant Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslavian mathematical and mechanical engineer, advanced Maxwell’s findings and invented machines which proved the existence of Scalar Energy. He found two energies existing in the universe: electromagnetic energy, which is broadly accepted and utilized, and Scalar energy, which is poorly understood and presently disregarded. 

Tesla described Scalar energy as informational energy that could carry information over infinite distance without degrading…EVER. Unlike electromagnetic energy, Scalar energy is helical in form, much like our DNA, which, interestingly enough, is also informational. Hmm. It’s all about mathematics, the language of the Universe. This is why Scalar energy is the energy of our thoughts and the energy used by energy healers such as Reiki masters. So when it is said that THOUGHT CREATES REALITY (i.e. The Law of Attraction) It is Scalar Energy that collapses the Schrodinger Wave equation to turn a light wave into a photon (or particle), particles being the building blocks for our reality. 


EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. In fact, Einstein referred to matter as “frozen light.” So you, my lovely human, are energy, you are light and your energy, your light can be transformed when give specific instructions to do so. 

Okay, maybe I stepped a bit out of bounds there. 

Plus he believed that Scalar Energy is a primal force in nature that is free, infinite and renewable with limitless possibilities. He was able to create a Scalar energy car that went 90 mph without ever running out of energy and he built a Scalar energy tower that powered the entire city of Colorado Springs until the Powers the Be tore it down. A typical example of suppressed technology, suppressed only because it can’t be turned into a profit. 

When I perform your energy work, I use an elaborate array of crystals to amplify the scalar waves, mostly Herkimer diamonds. I also play tones at very specific frequencies to help carry the scalar wave to you, its target. 

Between the scalar energy generator transmitter and receiver, I place the name +/- address and/or photo of the person we are trying to help so the receiver can read that person’s (or animal’s) bio-field. Then I have a very specific intent script (that’s the “Thought Creates Reality” part) that I read several times at various frequencies. The transmitter takes that “intent” or instructions from the receiver and sends it to the person or animal and of course their home, possession and property. Remember, scalar energy carries information over infinite distances without degradation. 


I usually complete the work within 1-10 days of the order date. I can’t give you a specific time and date because there are too many variables. For some households, it takes me 6 hours and for others it takes me 14-20 hours.

You don’t need to be at home, and if you are purchasing this service for someone else, they don’t have to be aware of it. 

After I am finished, I will contact you by email. Beneficial effects are generally noticed as early as 6 days up to as late as 3 months after the work is done,

***Normally, you aren’t supposed to have any tears in your energy body or home, and you’re certainly not supposed to have any negative energies! Those negative energy only grows in amplitude by like energy, negative energy, the energy that comes with negative emotions like misery, fear, depression, substance abuse, physical pain, etc. 

The higher the number to tears in your energy body, the more likely you are to have had significant trauma in your life and the more likely you have to have let in negative entities and, if that trauma has caused emotional and mental anguish or if that trauma resulted in physical pain, the more likely you are to have negative energy attracted to you.

Ideally, we have open energy vortices in our energy to allow in the flow of abundance and other things I discussed earlier. But many times, these openings are snapped shut, obstructing the flow of things that are good and make life sweet.

The higher the number of closed vortices in your energy body, again, the more likely you are to have significant trauma in your life, but it can also be due to psychological trauma such as constant blows to your self-esteem whether from your upbringing (parents, siblings, bullies, teachers), co-workers, employers, partners, toxic relationships or even from your own self-loathing, overly high expectations of yourself, and the constant state of never feeling like you are enough. These closed vortices stifle abundance of all sorts: positive information, creativity, love, health and of course, wealth. 

As for the home, your trauma will spill over into that space, too, causing tears in energy to open and good vortices to close. And some of the negative energy will flow through the holes in the home’s energy and the ones in your energy body into the home pouring toxic energy into your environment. 

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