Before You Buy

read this important information before purchasing a scalar service


What do you need to do while the service is being performed?

Absolutely nothing! There is no preparation needed and you don’t have to be home.

Can I purchase a service for someone else without their knowledge?

Yes, we always get permission from their Higher Self.

Important caveats

If we are addressing a health issue for a person or a pet, make sure your healthcare provider or your animal companion’s veterinarian is in the loop. Be sure to read the description box of any service you order.

When will the service be performed?

There is usually a backlog of 1-2 weeks, and it depends on how long I need to spend on those households or individuals ahead of you in queue. Services take anywhere from 6 to 14 hours. Services like cancer and autism relief take several hours a day for several days. Most people can sense it when they are being worked on.

How long will it take for me to feels the results?

Depending on you, your household and the service being performed, earliest results are noticeable in as few as 2-3 days but those with serious issues such as a lot of trapped emotions take at least 6 weeks. When a service involves moving a great deal of energy around such as dental alignment or eyesight optimization or removal of atherosclerotic plaques, it can take several months, but progress is occurring along the way. Time estimates are stated in the service description boxes.