Main scalar service

Start here! This scalar service is an essential beginning step before ordering any other scalar energy work and can, in fact, make some additional services unnecessary, particularly those services in the Mental/Emotional Wellbeing category.


With this service, we repair the energy of for every person and animal living in the household. In other words, those staying under the same roof at least 50% of the time or more. Also, we open the energy of the entire household to abundance of all forms. Abundance is more than just wealth. It's also health, happiness, safety, joy, love, self-love, calm, youthfulness, creativity and more.

In addition, we clear all energy blockages and raise the energetic frequency for everyone and everything that is part of the household. And we revoke and reverse anything and everything that acts as stumbling blocks to success.


We also block the effects of past lives on the current life. In other words, many issues in your life may be tied to similar experiences in another life and this trigger is known as "past life bleed through." That tie is cut with this service.

Lastly, we shield all of the energy from negative energy and other harmful external influences and harmful radiation.

(2) $400.00
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