I’ll keep this short. Today, Erik, the rest of the Divine Team and I are performing a 12-14 hour long Retrograde Integration to give more power to everyone’s energy work, to eradicate and block even more (essentially all) nasty things that thwart success and to add every conceivable shield so that nothing can breach your energy. Erik says you all will see changes as early as 4 days! I started early this morning and won’t stop until it’s done.

One more thing: I bit off way more than I can accepting so many volunteers. It’ll take me 2-2.5 weeks to get through them all meaning my income will come to a near screeching halt (although I will sneak in paid orders, too, just not many.) That means I will need time afterwards to earn the money to pay Lukas’s salary and other overhead expenses so I can’t take more volunteers for now. I will announce when I can afford to accept more. (Plus I’m doing a lot of free non-volunteer services.) Hope you understand.

10 thoughts on “MAGIC IN FOUR DAYS!

  1. Cristina Moreira says:

    Elisa! Not only we understand but we support you! You are loved! Thank you so much for those long hours of that retrograde integration work!
    What is magic is your loving generosity! Thank you!

  2. Michelle Crossley says:

    Thank you Elisa, Erik and entire Divine team. This has made me emotional reading this today, I am sooo grateful to you all and feeling the love! ❤️ Sending you love and light also 🙏❤️

  3. Maria McWilliams says:

    Thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to perform the retrograde integration. The services I had done haven’t worked very well but I remained hopeful because I believe in you, Arch Angel Erik and your Divine Team. It very well may be because I am an Earth Angel, but, I now know you are doing all that you can to bulldoze through those blockages. God Bless you all. In appreciation, Maria

  4. Delbert (DEL) Weaver says:

    Hi, trying to see what services I need and if I have any irrevocable spiritual contracts. I ordered the 00.00 and sent it then saw that you don’t do it that anymore . Then I went to the two mediums links and can’t dint where you can ask the yes or no .. I’m sorry , just confused and I really want to know .. Thank you , DEL

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      Whichever medium you choose, depending on the link you click on, they will instruct you on how to submit the questions. BTW I only have time to read comments perhaps once a month.

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