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Mega Session!

Throughout the weekend, Erik, the rest of the Divine Team and I worked on the energy blockages in over 500 of you! Yes, it took a long time but I have discovered that energy work success is hindered in 3% of you because of heavy blockages. Blocks are caused by many things: trauma, loss, illness, long term pharmaceuticals, surgeries, injuries, alcohol and drugs, environmental pollution from radiation, cell phones, computers, microwaves, poor nutrition, poor and unsupportive living environment and more. I will have a video soon on how you can help clear you own blockages but even when scalar work that you had was successful at first, blocks that you accumulate can set you back. YOU can limit those blocks and you can remove them yourself or through an energy healer. I will probably have a block removal service in the future, Erik recommends that regardless of how you remove these blocks, it probably should be done 3-4 times a year.

Also, I am going on vacation early tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me have those 6 days without emails. I am SO burned out, not having had a true vacation for almost one year. I am NO GOOD to you when I am burned out after working 10-16 hours a day, seven days a week for now 11 months running. I promise when I return refreshed, I will work hard to catch up on all orders.

Check out these 5 new services from Atlantis Scalar and a new bundle: Healing recommendations and the super portal work! The 5 new ones are at a TEMPORARY LOW price.

Harmful emotions: hate, anger, jealousy and pettiness related:

Harmful emotions: fear, insecurity and doubt related:

Harmful emotions: shame and guilt related:

Harmful emotions: isolation, loneliness and joylessness related:

Harmful emotions: despair, grief and sorrow related:

Super Portal Work/Healing recommendation bundle:

Thanks for being so loving and understanding about my need for a break!


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