The Importance of Medical Know How

Hi my lovely Atlantis Scalar Peeps!

I have a few announcements ahead of the holiday season. But the main focus for this newsletter is to leet everyone know how essential it is for the intent script that is carried to your energy, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energetic bodies, to have the proper information, particularly medical and physiological information. Check out this short YouTube for full understanding:

I have two personal updates that I want to share because it confirms the amazing potential of scalar energy healing.

First, the Snoring Relief service seems to work in nearly 100% of cases. As you know, my hubby is no longer doing a nightly interpretation of a freight train. I decided to test it on my little Yorkie, Bella, just to answer the question as to whether it is just placebo or not (although that would be difficult in an unconscious, soundly asleep human.) Well, the night after I did the service for Bella, she was snore free and has been so far for the last 2 weeks!

Second, for my housekeep/family member/dear friend, Maria, I did the hypertension relief service on her, warning her to monitor her blood pressure closely on a regular basis so that her medication could be adjusted accordingly. Last Friday, she had a check up in the free city clinic and the doc was alarmed that her blood pressure was so low! So he’s cutting her meds and asking her to get a home blood pressure monitor. I told my dear friend, a cardiologist who has treated Maria as well and who is a big believer in scalar energy healing and he responded, “That’s amazing because her blood pressure is always high, even on medication. VERY COOL!

Two more notes: I’ve discovered a huge increase in success since we added the 7 enhancements to the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement on October 10th so if you had the service before that date, I highly recommend you get the much cheaper ERPE Tune-up and that you repeat it every 6 months or so, at least for a while. It seems like this energy work is like peeling an onion. As you remove each peel, you get closer and closer to being fully healed. Some of you have more peels to remove than others, particularly those who have had very hard struggles, losses, stress, illnesses and trauma. The mediums confirm this. That’s why Erik set the price at only $250 for the entire household.

As you know, Paola Marino approached me a while back to do a documentary on the Channeling Erik story and was in my home with her crew for an entire months and that’s ALMOST FINISHED! Next she starts the documentary about Scalar Energy healing. Many of you have been kind enough to send short video testimonials, and I hope that you continue to do so. And Paola might want to film some of you guys herself for the documentary. If you agree, she will have you sign a release. HERE’S YOUR CHANCE AT YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME! LOL! No, but seriously, this is more and more looking like a huge breakthrough for medicine…a new frontier. And you are all a part of this trailblazing journey that hopefully will help so many people by transforming their realities to ones that are filled with abundance, health, love and more.

I guess that’s it for now. I have a nasty bug and, much to my hubby’s delight, I have lost my voice so I’m going to rest and watch Hallmark movies (much to my hubby’s chagrin in that case!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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