I’m pleased to announce that the Elohim, a critical part of the Divine Team, has agreed to block the impact and influence of events and experiences from other lives on the current life. Erik says that at least 65% of all failed scalar energy work is due to this.

Starting with all orders from February 22nd on, we will add this to all Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement services and all Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement Tune-Ups. Although it will considerably increase the time it takes us to do these services, there will be no increase in prices, at least for now.

I know some of you might be upset, perhaps because you just had your work before the 22nd, but there’s nothing I can do. It’s like Apple including group FaceTime or other features on a new phone when you just bought one a week before. That’s just life. But since Erik recommends the tune-up every 6 months as you would do your dental cleanings, it won’t be long before you get the benefits of this addition. Will you have to do these biannual services forever? Erik says no. It might be just a few times for some, depending on the individual. He says each “pass” will reap more benefits, like peeling and onion bit by bit.

Love you all!

Elisa and Erik

6 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS!

  1. Maestrak says:

    Wonderful news! I have a question regarding the 6 month tune-ups. Will Erik let you/us know when we no longer need them? I’m hoping that when we order, say our fourth tune-up, but it’s not necessary, we’d be informed that we don’t need it anymore, and we could use the money for another service. Thank-you all!!!!!

  2. Angela Bassi says:

    Continue to REMOVE my words from everything Elisa… Just like this backwards world does. You HIDE the TRUTH and DELETE what doesn’t make you “feel good”
    How does that make you feel, Elisa? Such bullshit

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      I don’t understand. Haven’t you seen the lives that have been transformed for the better, and lives that have actually been saves, literally? I think you’re under the spell of organized religion which is fine for some but not for me. I see it as a tool to oppress the masses.

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