Show Your Gratitude!

First a short announcement: I think I may need to take off next week just to recharge my batteries and to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. Working 10-14 hours a day, 7 days a week can wear a person out. That means I might get backlogged for 10-14 days but you guys know I’m a workhorse and will catch up quickly.

Speaking of Turkey Day, check out Erik’s latest sale post:


Time to show your gratitude!

Erik is holding a 20% off sale for the Atlantis Scalar main service, the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement that you can order for family and friend for whom you are grateful over this beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday. You don’t have to let them know because we always get permission from their Higher Selves. Just watch as the energy of their household shifts into a purer and higher vibration so that they can enjoy new realities full of abundance of all wonderful forms. Erik will let me know when to end it!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love, gratitude and lots and lots of yummy food!

Elisa and Erik

2 thoughts on “Show Your Gratitude!

  1. Denise Vanselow says:

    thank you for this sale! Elisa you had suggested that i wait for the main service to go on sale. When do you think this might occur; Lol it doesn’t matter when. Thanks for all you do to in our healing, education and spiritual growth. Blessing for a kind Thanksgiving to you and yours Elisa and Erik.

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