Next Sale?

Hi all!

In anticipation of the coming holiday season, I plan to ask Erik if we can hold another sale. But I’d love your input! A discount on something specific? A free add-on? Something else? Please let me know what your holiday wishes are in the comments section below!

Elisa and Erik, aka Heavenly Santa

18 thoughts on “Next Sale?

  1. Tasneem says:

    Oh my, I missed the age reversal and microbiome ones.. maybe a physical program with a custom add on.. or including finances/self love.. ? Looking forward to it!

  2. Denise Vanselow says:

    Hi Heavenly Santa and Mama Earth angel! What a team!
    I’d like the main one discounted if course cuz I missed the last deal and am booked for the main one. I get the logic behind the weight management one for holiday season though!
    Thanks! 🎄💝

  3. Denika Hennessy says:

    I would love a sale on the Microbiome again. I missed the last one as I’ve been saving up for it. Australian dollar to American dollar makes it very expensive every time I purchase a service. Also a sale on business abundance so we can all get a little extra cash in our pockets. Thank you Elisa and Erik xx

  4. Maestrak says:

    I also vote for the Microbiome as I missed taking advantage of it when you offered the sale. Thank-you, so much, Elisa & Erik, for all you do. I really appreciate you both.
    (FYI – I had to log in 3x before this page let me comment).

  5. Madalin says:

    Hello lovely Elisa and Erik! I would love a discount for the age reversal service. I m sure many will be happy to have the chance to rejuvenate the body (inside and out) at an discount price for the new year. Thank you!

  6. Christina Nicklin says:

    Will we ever see the wonderful add-on’s for the “back to school” sale for students?
    The add-ons made it look like an extremely appealing choice and I was so unfortunate not to be able to purchase it at that time!
    I’d like to be able to purchase that whenever possible even if not discounted!

    I’d also be interested in microbiome and weight optimisation sale- but perhaps the former will also help with the latter- I would have to see!

    Thank-you Elisa and Erik

  7. A.S. says:

    Oh, Elisa, Thank you so very much for helping to ensure our wish list letters to Heavenly Santa arrive safely. 🤶🎅🎁💚 Personally, I am wishing for a sitewide sale, so we can choose the specific services we desire. (But only if that works for you, all the Atlantis Scalar elves, and Divine Healing team.) Alternatively, since we just had a sale on the main service, what about a sale, or free add-on, for the ERPE Tune-up? Thanks again for asking, Elisa. Please don’t work too hard fulfilling our orders. I wish you a very happy holiday season. 💚🎄

  8. Kylie Herbert says:

    Hello, so lovely. Yes perhaps a discount across the board on services over a certain value or a free add on like ‘self love’ to services. Bless you all.

  9. Sharon Doyle says:

    Hi Elisa and Erik! I agree with those who want a discount across the board of services.
    It’s the only way to please everybody.Everyone wants a different service.
    So just a general discount would be the fairest way to satisfy everyone.

    Many Thank-You’s!!

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