Poll and Some Fun

I’m finally feeling human after suffering from the flu, Covid and a secondary bacterial pneumonia and am catching up with orders VERY rapidly…enjoying it immensely, too, because being backlogged makes me feel guilty but more important, I find it envigorating to do!

Okay, so the poll: How many of you would be interested in my creating a script for Seasonal Affective Disorder? I’m working on the autism script since new science has come out on that, so hold off on ordering for now.

Believe it or not, what I do isn’t just the work in my little She Shed doing the scalar energy work. I also spend a lot of time doing medical research, constantly looking for new medical and scientific breakthroughs to add to the intent scripts, so know that I always have your back.

What I have seen is the Microbiome Optimization has had powerful results and has even made some of the other services work better. For example (one of many) one dear client had no luck with the Sleep Optimization service even after I repeated it for free. But after the Microbiome Optimization, she says she sleeps just like she did when she was a child, and she is finally abler to fully eliminate her bowels. This made me so happy!

That said, second to the ERPE (main service) I feel like the Microbiome Optimization is the most important scalar service.

Now for the fun. This is the Crazy Medhus family on Christmas Eve, Lukas, Michelle, Annika, son in law, Nick and Pappa. Michelle just got a refurbished JBL Partybox and was putting it to good use!


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