Three New Products!

FIrst, I want to thank you guys for being so patient with my backlog situation. I am now out of the hospital and feeling a lot better. And I’m catching up like CRAZY!

One housekeeping note: I’m still accepting video testimonials until the end of this month in return for any scalar service $400 or less. Don’t miss out. I’d love to have written testimonials from you too. It keeps my passion lit!

Now for the new products (which will hopefully be available this Monday.):


Here’s a short video where I describe some of the intent script. It’s a beast of a service and takes a long time.

RELIEF FROM GLAUCOMA (This goes above and beyond the regular Eyesight Optimization)

Check out the partial intent script:


Again, in this video, I share only a part of the intent script:

I hope you share your feedback on these services in the future. Next, I’m creating extremely detailed intent scripts for Fibromyalgia and for Hyperlipidemia/High Cholesterol because there have been many new scientific developments in both of these!

Gut dysbiosis is responsible for so many physical and mental issues! Here are just a few links.

Gut microbiome dysfunction in hyperlipdemia/high cholesterol

Gut microbiome dysfunction in glaucoma

Gut microbiome dysfunction in autism

Gut microbiome dysfunction in seasonal affective disorder

Order the scalar energy microbiome optimization now!

Love you all!


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