Time is Short

January 31st is the last day to submit a video testimonial and receive the scalar service of your choice for you or a loved one. Also, Sunday at midnight central time, the sale on the following expires:

Please take advantage of this important Atlantis Scalar Sale for 20% off from January 22nd for one week. Transform your reality for the better!




The Microbiome Optimization can boost the results and it’s important that you read the research!

Gut microbiome dysfunction in glaucoma

Gut microbiome dysfunction in autism

Gut microbiome dysfunction in seasonal affective disorder


Order the scalar energy microbiome optimization now!

Remember that I have purchased a service to provide closed captions in not only English for the hearing impaired but also in a variety of different languages. This way, you can share it with friends and family who either don’t understand English or who have trouble hearing. Spread the wealth, particularly of Erik’s wisdom.

I have, at the beginning of a few videos, given instructions for how to access this feature on your laptop/computer and on your smartphone. They vary slightly but it’s pretty intuitive anyway. If you want us to add other languages, please email me at emedhus@gmail.com.

Here’s a testimonial from Michelle Gray, whose autistic son improved greatly just a little over 24 hours after completion of the autism service on him:

“Marcus has NOT stopped talking about everything! I am making notes about his progress and we will do another video to share on AS. THANK YOU!”

I asked her for more details to which she responded:

“Marcus sat up last night talking to Rob and I. Although he has a lot of repetition in his conversations, he was engaged beyond a sentence or two. This morning, even MORE SO! Marcus was a chatterbox, and specifically when we spoke to him. For example ‘Do you want oatmeal or waffles?’ and he immediately said ‘waffles’…immediately! Usually it takes several times asking to get an answer. No meltdowns, no opposition in anything this morning AND I didn’t even have to ask for a hug! He also had a visit with my parents last night. He spoke to both of them, and was showing them pictures. More engaging that before. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You, Erik and the Divine Team have helped my family heal. We are forever grateful. Looking forward to Marcus’s growth. Erik says there is more to come!”

This makes sense because it’s only been a little over 24 hours and the script is massive, meaning there’s a lot of energy to move around! Can’t wait to see Michelle’s video testimonial.

Pretty freaking cool!!

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