On top of the add on of Increased Luck and Opportunity ending this Friday (See below), for 7 days Erik is offering 20% off the Allergy Relief scalar service. This covers allergies to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, not just pollen. We even cover allergies to gliadin/gluten.

Check out this testimonial:

Order for yourself or your animal companion:

Are you plagued by bad luck and missed opportunities throughout your life? Check this off from Erik:

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day (or in this case, “Week!”) In honor of this time of lucky energy, Atlantis Scalar is offering a free “Increased Luck and Opportunity” to all orders $250 or more. The add on will apply to the same person receiving the scalar service.

Add on sale ends Friday March 24th and the Allergy Relief sale ends on March 27th. DON’T MISS IT!

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