Finally, a new sale!


Atlantis Scalar is offering a storewide sale ending Monday, May 1st. Remember you can chose the checkout option to divide your purchase into 4 interest free payments over 4 months. YOU ARE WORTHY OF BETTER REALITY!

4 thoughts on “Finally, a new sale!

  1. CaLamityJane says:

    Boo ! Is the Spooky Scalar 2 the actual scalar equipment you buy to use on yourself friends and build a business? I appreciate how much contributed work is put into a healing and clearing. But was excited, if this is an opportunity to help heal and build a business. Thanks for the clarification, Jane xx

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      Yes I use that equipment but when I started to try it on family and friends, it was clear that their frequency sets aren’t accurate. I had to spend over a year to learn what to write in the scripts and I relied on Erik and the rest of the Divine Team to tell me how long to stay at each frequency and which one to go to next. And I add a lot of language from my medical knowledge, and overall research in pathophysiology and a lot more. I’m constantly checking in on the latest research on each disease and disorder for which we have a scalar service.

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