How Drugs Affect Results

As many of you have heard, 8% of those who get scalar services have blocks that impede success. Those blocks can be because of disbelief or feelings of unworthiness, but sometimes they can be due to medications like antidepressants, antipsychotics or substances like excess alcohol or other drugs.

For that reason, I’ve added additional script that Erik suggested to circumvent this. However, if you think that with the help of your healthcare provider you can safely wean off or or stop these substances, then do so. Once you do, the scalar energy instructions that are waiting at your auric field will penetrate your energy and integrate into it. Otherwise, your next ERPE tuneup will contain the new script.

I also want to ask everyone to be patient because these sales do cause a lot of backlog. Now it’s about 10-12 days. Many of you keep emailing me asking when it will be done and now I getting overwhelmed with emails which of course delays things even further. So I ask you to please know that I’m working as hard and as quickly as I can. I will email you as soon as your service is complete.

Thanks for understanding!

Elisa and Erik

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