Hello my lovely Atlantis Scalar peeps! Lately, I’ve been very blessed to receive emails filled with glowing reports of near miraculous positive results from scalar services! It warms my heart so much!

Erik wants to reward the first ten people who submit their testimonials as videos. All you have to do is video yourself (or you can even point it at anything else if you want to remain anonymous…a plant, a pet, a painting or even a wall!) Be sure to hold your cell phone horizontally, record in good lighting (like outdoors in the sun) and make sure the phone is stabilized with something, unless you have the steady hands of a brain surgeon.

Try to keep it over 5 minutes but less than 10 minutes, and if you feel nervous or shy, you can read what you say from a written script. Then you can email it to Paola through to her address:

The first ten entries will receive any scalar service $400 or less! These services take a minimum of 10 hours so Erik and I think that’s a great deal for the submission of a short video! Also, think of those you will be inspiring with hope!

If you don’t make the first 10 cut, don’t worry, you will still be rewarded with a $100 coupon off of any future services.

Thank you for this!

Elisa and Erik

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