Last Week!

Hello Beautiful People!

Just a reminder that this is the last weeks to submit a video testimonial in exchange for a scalar service up to $400. Heck of a deal. We’re almost at the max of ten after which submissions will receive a $50 coupon. Still pretty good for a 5 minute recording! I’ll send an email via Constant Contact with all the details, including how and who to send it to. Hopefully you are on our email list (which we only use to announce sales, events and the occasional blog article.)

Elisa and Erik

3 thoughts on “Last Week!

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      The $400 service was for the first 10 submitters. Now anyone who submits one (it has to be about a scalar service done in the past) you get the usual $50 coupon against any service. Sorry you missed the first ten but Erik usually has these contests every 6 -8 months. Be sure to email me at if you need anything. I forget to check comments do to the nature of my busy-ness!

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