New AI Service Recommendation tool!

Before watching my video screen recording that will provide directions on how to access and use this new tool, I have one announcement: PayPal is experiencing a glitch with WooCommerce so Lukas submitted a support ticket. Until this is resolved, PayPal is no longer a payment option. But there are plenty of other options, including Split-It where you can pay interest free over 4 months.

Enjoy this instructional video!

4 thoughts on “New AI Service Recommendation tool!

  1. NancyP says:

    I realized it’s important to focus on the most pressing issues. Almost every service was recommended Lol. I do have a question if possible. Will the main service help with chronic pancreatitis and resultant pain? I did volunteer to be a Guinea Pig so to speak as well as a walking billboard if you have T- shirts or hoodie, coffee cups, etc.
    I volunteered on the Channeling Erik and AS YouTube site with more info.
    Thank you Elisa! You are a true angel and what a doc should be nowadays.
    Blessings, Nancy P (

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      Sounds like you would need a complete pancreas overhaul (exocrine and endocrine) with additional attention to autoimmunity and anti-inflammation scripts. I no longer do volunteers. That video was accidentally reposted from long ago for some reason. It’s just that each service takes at least 8-10 hours, often up to 14.

  2. NancyP says:

    Thank you Elisa! I totally understand. I’m working on saving for the main service to start, hopefully soon. Thank you and Erik and your team for all that you do. I will be in touch. Many blessings to you. I have great respect and compassion for all that you do.

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