I’m Back!

I want to thank you all for your patience while I took some time to spend in Norway. I had a relaxing time, but it was kind of a work vacay, mowing the roof on our little cabin and clearing out everything from my father-iin-law’s place to distribute to the siblings, the Hol archives and the museum. Of course October isn’t the best time to visit because there’s not enough snow to snowshoe, to ski or to sled but it’s too cold and windy to take hikes or mountain bike. But we plan to return in February with kids and grandkids, some at least.

Of course each of my kids put in their requests for Norwegian candy: Daim, Kwik Lunsj, Smil, Bamsa Muns and Laban. Half of the contents of my luggage was the candy!

So, of course I got right back in the saddle doing my scalar work and I believe I will have caught up with all orders made on or before today within 7-10 days. I started at 4 AM, so I think capitalizing on my being on Norway time so long is working in my favor!

Love you all!


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