Time to Step Up, People!

Almost every day I receive heartwarming, inspirational emails about how scalar services have transformed their lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Some claim their lives have literally been saved!

What you might not realize is that you have the power to save the lives of others, both figuratively and literally. All it takes is a short video testimonial that I can post on social media. This will encourage many who haven’t even heard of scalar healing to benefit just like you have. Imagine that power. Put that power to use! I know Erik and his Divine Team will be elated!

Using your phone or camera, film your experience for as little as 5 minutes. Your phone needs to be stable, vertical and in good lighting. Then upload your video for free to we.transfer.com to Paola Marino at paola.acquamarina@gmail.com. In hte notes of WeTransfer, indicate if you would like your face to be blurred. And let Paola know if you would like the $100 coupon as a gift rewarding your efforts.

Also, don’t forget the New You for the New Year bundle with 30% discount. I’ll send another email about it soon. I also posted details about the Atlantis Scalar YouTube Live today at 4:30 PM CT on my Facebook profile, the AS and CE Facebook pages and all CE Facebook groups.

Love to you all!

Elisa and Erik and the rest of the Divine Team

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