Rare Sale Expires Midnight Tomorrow!

Hello beautiful people. Mama E here to remind you not to miss out on the New Year New You Create Your Own Bundle Sale…30% off! Just click this link to check off the services you want: https://www.atlantisscalar.com/product/new-year-new-me-bundle/ By the way, I expect some awesome video testimonials soon. A couple of the most remarkable ones: I […]

Time to Step Up, People!

Almost every day I receive heartwarming, inspirational emails about how scalar services have transformed their lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Some claim their lives have literally been saved! What you might not realize is that you have the power to save the lives of others, both figuratively and literally. All it takes is […]

Cure for Tinnitus? (Ringing in the ears)

Nope, it’s not scalar work. It’s something that might be less expensive. Good friend, M.W. shared this! https://dailytipsonly4u.com/us/rsqr/revivecbd?bhu=CWrKc6hqtvG2Mex87f1PoAJDtWLN2LZU5pF2E#ogtniansgs Also, some of you haven’t been receiving my emails letting you know that your scalar service has been completed. If you don’t hear anything from me in 10 days, please check your spam folder. And whitelist my […]

Are You in the 4% Club?

Lack of results from scalar services is rare, around 4%. Occasionally this is due to irrevocable spiritual contracts but that’s not common. The usual reason: energy blocks. These blocks that stop the scalar instructions from penetrating and integrating into your energetic body are thought forms, subconscious or conscious. Examples include: “This is too good to […]

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