Off to Norway!

Hi Beautiful People! I worked in the scalar field from dawn to 10 PM every [...]

Rare Sale Expires Midnight Tomorrow!

Hello beautiful people. Mama E here to remind you not to miss out on the [...]

Time to Step Up, People!

Almost every day I receive heartwarming, inspirational emails about how scalar services have transformed their [...]

Create Your Own Bundle!

Happy 2024 everyone! To ring in the new year in a way that brings abundance, [...]

Cure for Tinnitus? (Ringing in the ears)

Nope, it’s not scalar work. It’s something that might be less expensive. Good friend, M.W. [...]

Happy New Year Announcements!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I returned from vacation yesterday and immediately started working on your [...]

Christmas Break!

Hi all, Just a head’s up that I am taking a short break to go [...]

Are You in the 4% Club?

Lack of results from scalar services is rare, around 4%. Occasionally this is due to [...]