Orders from Medhus Enterprises – Delays

Hello All,

A number of factors have contributed to delays in recent Palo Santo spray orders:

  • The winter weather situation in the Northeast (shipments from our supplier are held up)
  • The large volume of orders for the spray (this has cleaned out all of my stock)
  • The holiday rush

If your order contains the Palo Santo spray, you will most likely not receive until after Christmas. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.

I am working with my supplier to place a larger order to restock our “shelves” so we won’t run into this issue again. On another note, all other products are in stock.

P.S. Check out the new Atlantis Scalar Merch! Preorder yours today at https://store.medhusenterprises.com/product-category/merchandise/

Merchandise orders over $75 get free standard shipping. Use coupon code FREESHIPPING75 at checkout!

(coupon must be applied to merchandise only orders)

Best Regards,


2 thoughts on “Orders from Medhus Enterprises – Delays

  1. Maestrak says:

    Hello! This is in regards to my 2nd purchase from store.medhus enterprises…. I had already created an account on antlantisscalar but I had to create a new account on the enterprises site. Antlantis scalar has a record of my initial $20 purchase, but it was not noted on the medhusenterprises site. I said I wanted to create an account so after my purchase of the crystals was completed I received an email in which a password was generated for me. My question is: Do I need 2 separate accounts, one for services and one for goods?

    Also, I’m assuming the informational sheet that accompanies the crystals will include how to use them?

    BTW, I decided to buy the crystals after listening to the Einstein/Tesla session. My Reiki training always said to be specific about where healing should be directed and now I know why. I’m very excited after hearing what’s in store for Elisa and the world.

    Thank-you! May Ryan Maestrak@mac.com

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