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New Service for Testing (and other cool stuff!)

As many of you know, Erik decided to release three of the new services that have passed the testing phase: Increasing Psychic Abilities, Pain Relief (for now, hips, sacral, lower back, shoulders and neck) and Relief from Addiction to Addictive Substance (yes, including food and sugar, not just illicit substances) and Addictive Behaviors. So far […]

Last Call for Trifecta and Volunteers for Two More Services

By popular demand, Erik instructed me to keep the Trifecta up for another three months! The hard deadline is June 11th. And he decided NOT to eliminate the Increased Vibrational Frequency energy work since that is often vital for the success of other energy work. Also, I plan to do another test round for the […]

Age Reversal, Back and Neck Pain and Addiction Relief Energy Work in Testing Phase!

Hey all, first I want to say that this week, I’ll be working on the above new potential energy work services. I already have all of the volunteers I need. I’m also going to offer a service so that you can find out what spiritual contracts you still have, which can be revoked and which […]


As many already know, my husband had a severe head injury while testing his race bike (without a helmet which is SO uncharacteristic of “Mister Safety,” in the pit area. He hit a puddle while only in 1st gear and “high-sided”, flying off of his bike, landing on his face and head with a hard […]

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