All of the slots are filled for volunteers so if you could kindly refrain from more emails, that would be great. Also, please do not email me from this Friday at 1:00 PM CT through Monday AM. I am going to take the grandkids camping and I SO NEED A BREAK. If it can wait, please wait. THANKS!

7 thoughts on “CLOSED TO VOLUNTEERS (for now)

  1. Scott Harman says:

    Hi Mrs.medhus would it be possible to ask Erik if pain can be removed permanently as opposed as every 4 months simply because that’s a lot of money for people like me who might not be able and afford doing it 3 times a yr thanks.

  2. says:

    Hi just wanted to volunteer for the I.B.S. one! mine is I.B.S.D. and which one did you say Eric can tell a person what they need?🤔 And, if you need a person to volunteer for anything else to practice on I’m in! Thanks much Love to you both!😁🤗💖 Susana

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