New Service for Testing (and other cool stuff!)

As many of you know, Erik decided to release three of the new services that have passed the testing phase: Increasing Psychic Abilities, Pain Relief (for now, hips, sacral, lower back, shoulders and neck) and Relief from Addiction to Addictive Substance (yes, including food and sugar, not just illicit substances) and Addictive Behaviors.

So far the results for the sleep optimization on our guinea pigs have been awesome. Still too early to tell yet on the age reversal and the increased physical and mental energy one.

NOW WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS ONE: Relief from Social Anxiety. We WILL soon offer one for general anxiety but this is all I need volunteers for at this moment. If you are interested, email me at I will only reply if you are accepted. Emails have been a bit of an overwhelm for me especially as I am paying the piper for taking Saturday and Sunday off. I’ve been working from 5 AM to midnight and, to tell you the truth, yesterday, when I dragged myself back to the house and opened my computer to see 125 emails that needed answering, I broke down into sobs. It’s just a bit much. Right now, I am backlogged close to two weeks, but I’m trying.

LOVE YOU ALL!! Bear with me!

28 thoughts on “New Service for Testing (and other cool stuff!)

  1. judith Jenkin says:

    I love all the scalar treatments I have received from you, Elisa , Erik and the team. I have noticed a difference in all aspects of my life. I now have more energy to improve my life and others in many more productive ways.
    Thank you, Judy Jenkin

  2. Brenda Jacobi says:


    I have had so much “life” energy (joy) return back to me following the empath portal you and Erik did for me! I just purchased the know your spiritual contracts and feel as if the chakra balancing is already occurring as this is the offering I first thought I would purchase before seeing the empathic protection deal (offering) you do. I grew up Catholic which is my way of prefacing the significance of what I am sharing when I tell you I even had the courage the speak my truth (in the confessional) to a priest as to what I believe (know in my core as pure and true) which is if the Catholic Church knew God (Love)… The would take Jesus off the cross and stop referring to humankind as sinners as we are each beloved! I further told him the belief I was taught of God as in “God” needing (demanding) the best of all LOVE for himself and himself alone (meaning there is NOT enough for each) is flat out narcissistic and paints “God” (Love) as an abominable beast (snowman) cold as “hell” and mean (nasty) as the “devil” (vindictive) isn’t attractive. Freedom from this fear factor (tactic) of intimidation feels terrific!!!

    It sounds as if your husband must be well and I trust you had a great time camping or was that possibly glamping??? You deserve to get away and know business will be handled in your absence (freedom) of life where the work you return to need not haunt or overwhelm you but allow you to sing your own merry tune of joy and sacredness of prospering with your son (love) at your side, your front, back and alive and well from within and all around you!

    Much Joy Elisa!

    Blessings, Peace, Prosperity and Above All the Joy of Being Authentically You!


    • admin says:

      Thank you sweet thing! Let me know if you want to do a 10-15 minute Zoom video about your experience. Paola Marino, the producer/filmmaker who is making a documentary about Erik and his story is also managing my YT channel for me. The money I gladly pay her for that is helping to fund the animated scenes of Erik. If you do want to then email me at I think it could help us reach more people to help and I would gladly do one of the new services for free in exchange. You can be totally anonymous face blurring and everything if you wish. If not, that’s fine!!

  3. kelcam1982 says:

    Elisa you are in my prayers, you and Erik are doing amazing work but i can only imagine that it can get overwhelming at times with the high demands. Much love and hugs sent your way!! Kelly Connell

  4. says:

    I am interested in healing the body! specially with I.B.S.D. and your anti-aging healing! But don’t know if it work on me or not! Thanks much Love to you and Eric!😁🤗💖Susana

    • admin says:

      It’s always a good idea to get the $6 yes or no question to ask and make sure since (altho rarely) some have irrevocable contracts. That’s the only thing that would get in the way.

  5. Scott Harman says:

    Did Lukas find a alternative solution for quadpay there’s a few services I’d like to buy but it would take a few months doing them one at a time.

  6. Sonia Bugarin says:

    To whom it may concern. I have been following Elisa since she started Channeling Erik. Her heart is HUGE! She always has our best in mind for your best outcome in healing. I have had the Portal work (for me and my family) as well as the
    Trifecta. We have experienced a sense of calmness and wellness. I find myself dancing a lot ( like all the time ). Just this sense of joy takes over 🥰 and blissfulness.
    During this process we have also noticed that any problems that arise seem to get resolved in a very favorable manner . It is almost as if we have a shield of armor protecting us from the elements.

    Other good stuff: My Son was able to finally get a job interview that allowed him to transfer back home… and since then has had many other promotional interviews. Unreal! After almost 4 years of struggle. Err!

    Health issues.
    I had really bad PTSD. And one of my symptoms of PTSD for me was that my body would be on hyper alert and it wouldn’t allow me to sleep with anyone in the same room. Even if I took my medication for sleep. Glad to report that is no longer an issue. It took about two weeks for me to see results on that.

    I also took part in a sleep study. Well…. let me tell you! Say good bye to Lunesta , sleepy tea, and host of other supplements. Not needed. I sleep the entire night and wake up feeling rested.

    Okay it’s past my bedtime and I am super sleepy probably shouldn’t post prior to checking my grammar…but hopefully it reads okay.
    Love you Elisa and Erik ❣️🥰


    I just wanted to say that I had the

  7. alma69 says:

    Hi dear Elisa , I purchased portal work for me and my husband on 04/03/21 and is still in process . I know that you’re very busy and I’m patiently waiting on this work to get it done ❤️❤️ Yesterday I purchased chakras work as well Cannot wait. Thank you for your service. We love you 😍- Alma

  8. Pauline says:

    Hi Elisa, thank you so much for the super portal and weight optimization work – I got your email this eve. (I know your email is overloaded but just want to say thanks!) I already feel more energetic and clear headed. Can’t wait to see further results as time goes on ☺. I’m just delighted! God bless you and Erik 😇♥️ xx P.

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