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Last Call for Trifecta and Volunteers for Two More Services

By popular demand, Erik instructed me to keep the Trifecta up for another three months! The hard deadline is June 11th. And he decided NOT to eliminate the Increased Vibrational Frequency energy work since that is often vital for the success of other energy work.

Also, I plan to do another test round for the Relief for Addiction to Addictive Substances and Behaviors AND Relief from Hip, lower back, neck or shoulder pain. PLEASE EMAIL ME at DO NOT volunteer through the COMMENTS.


8 thoughts on “Last Call for Trifecta and Volunteers for Two More Services

  1. Brandy Cruz says:

    I whole heartedly believe I was led to this website and to these experiences for a reason. I have so much to learn and I am open to doing so. When I found out about these services I jumped right in.

    My first purchase was a Consult with Master Angel Erik along with a purchase for Healing Recommendations. Once I got my report back from Master Angel Erik it had a list of recommendations for services from greatest need to least.
    During this time my friend Laura purchased for me and my family a Trifecta Screening bundle with this and Erik’s recommendations we decided the next thing that needed to be purchased was the Energy Work for a household with more that two people.
    While waiting for this I decided to purchase my Guardian Angel Name. Getting this information opened up a whole lot more questions for me. I was in awe and inspired all at once. I went ahead and ordered two Healing Kits. One for myself and one for a dear sweet friend and her family.

    Once I got my report back saying that my Energy work had been done my next move was to get the Trifecta for me and my family. Like most people I have received a couple of different emails with new services and discontinued services. Which this would provoke excitement in not only myself and others I was beside myself with concern because I had just purchased the Energy work and was told initially we would have 2.5 months to save up for the Trifecta work. So now instead of having 2.5 months to save we will now have 2 weeks. I know having this service will be vital in closing the circle so to speak and will need to be done. I know most of us are living on a fixed income and living in these Covid days as I call them there is no certainty. I have purchased close to $900 worth of services and products in a couple of weeks time and I believe worth every penny I just however wasn’t prepared to have to come up with all the money needed for the Trifecta right away. So I must admit I am extremely disheartened by all this.

  2. James McColl says:

    Hi Elisa,
    I would like to volunteer to be one of your Guinee pigs in the reverse aging experiment with Atlantis Scaler. I can already see some effects from the earlier work that you and Erik have done for me. The wound on my foot has made great progress it is amazing. I believe you and Erik could also offer a wound healing service.

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