Two Quick (but Important) Messages

Hey, all!

Of course first and foremost, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday season and let you know that I will be taking the grandkids to Kerrville in the Texas Hill Country Friday, returning Sunday late. I will start working on orders early Monday morning.

My son, Lukas, set up a merchandise page because we received many requests and new things like hoodies, etc. will be forthcoming. But I was a bit dismayed by the prices and had him look for another, more reasonable vendor. And he has found one. For his efforts, I’m letting him make a very small profit since he is coordinating everything including fulfillment, but I make nothing on this, nor do I wish to. I think it would be fun to have t-shirts or hoodies with cute messages like, “MY GUARDIAN ANGEL, ARIEL, HAD BIGGER WINGS THAN YOURS” or “MY GUARDIAN ANGEL, ERICA, LOVES ME.” Again, if you have any cool ideas for Lukas and it comes to fruition, you’ll get the item for free!

HERE’S A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Almost all of the energy work we’ve been doing has been successful. The ones that fell short were for one of two reasons:

  1. There were enormous numbers of negative entities in and around their energy bodies and home
  2. The wrong service was ordered. In other words, several people did not order the package that covered ALL those in their household. The problem with that is this: As soon as we start the energy work on that person, their negative entities go straight to the others in the home only to return just before we can apply the permanent, impenetrable shield. Repeating the energy/portal work is much harder and takes twice as long as the original work. That said, if you order the WRONG package, I CAN NO LONGER REPEAT THE WORK FOR YOU FOR FREE. SO PLEASE ALWAYS READ THE DESCRIPTION BOX FOR ANY SERVICE YOU ARE CONSIDERING PURCHASING.

I hope you all understand this reasonable request.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Here’s a video with comforting words from Erik that I hope might help for those of you who are struggling during the holidays.

Elisa, Erik and the rest of the Divine Team

1 thoughts on “Two Quick (but Important) Messages

  1. Frank Dees says:

    Guys, it is so cool hearing you all swearing, it cracks me up every time. Being from the Netherlands we obviously get all the Hollywood movies and since our country is so small, the audio is not dubbed over, so we get to hear the original actors. In a lot of movies there is a lot of swearing and initially I thought that was the way all Americans talked…. Until I accidentally dropped something in an American shopping mall and thoughtlessly said ‘shit’. Everybody around me looked at me in terror and so I found out that throwing around s- and f-words is clearly NOT the way everybody expressed themselves in the US. So hearing you guys going at it and of course Erik the most, is almost a relief to me. Keep it up, it is great!


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