I just found out from my husband that we are going to be on vacation in the Hill Country returning Friday of next week!! So I can’t do any services until then! Frankly, I do need a break. I’m going to email those whose services I did today in just a sec. Some have portal work and chakra work but I will do the chakra work when I come back. Now that I’m caught up on most of the portal work (with the exception of 3-4 who just ordered, I will concentrate on the chakra work, healing spiritual illness, and empath protection and one trauma report early the week I return, then a lot of mediumship bundle stuff late that week. I will try to get the consults, yes or no questions and portal scans tomorrow, but that’s our big day with the family…that’s when we celebrate, so it depends on the grandkids! So I will return ON NEW YEARS DAY! I promise I will work like a crazy woman when I return, well rested.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE ON SCHEDULE

  1. Hedwig Heathman-Kaspereit says:

    Dearest Elisa, please no hurry! Do enjoy fully your Holidays with your husband and family..look after yourself and mail us when you have completely recovered! Happy peaceful Holidays! xxxx

  2. Teresa Stout says:

    Hi Elisa , I was wondering if you were able to get to the portal work I ordered. I haven’t received an email update yet. I placed the order on December 6 for portal, and chakra work for the household. Thank you

  3. Parrottl says:

    No worries! I was afraid I would not get the Palo Santo spray in time to do my part! so lots of time for me since I just ordered anyway. Thanks and have a great time with family!

  4. Daggi Lamaletie says:

    No worries and no rush. I’ve ordered the spray on the 24th Dec, which may now take one or two weeks?, to be shipped out to S Africa! Things take a little slower around here! Wishing you an awesome festive break! Love you soo much 💕

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