Impulse Vacay!

Hey all, no need to respond (hint, hint) but I found out we’re taking our 4 year-old grandson camping in Galveston and will return Monday evening. I forgot it was MLK Jr. Day, so the hubby is off. I won’t be working on orders, but I did a lot of consults and will email you about them on the way or while I’m there depending on the Wi-fi. Didn’t get the last few that came in, but i’ll get to them when I get back. PLEASE try not to email me because you know me by now….I will feel compelled to answer. THANK YOU!! LOVE YOU!

8 thoughts on “Impulse Vacay!

  1. Linda Eisenstein says:

    Elisa, I have loved you from the first time I saw you years ago. You are so kool and so amazing! And for you to care so much about the people that you and Erik help, by letting us know you would be away for a few days and unable to get to everyone! That just made my heart sing out and it forced me to sit down and write this! You are a shining example for all of us! I do hope to meet you someday. You Rock!
    Love ya Dear One!!

    • admin says:

      You just made me cry with happiness. Good thing you haven’t spoken with my family yet because they will share all my quirks and flaws LOL. I drive them crazy with my obsessive compulsive personality sometimes but at least I get shit done!

      • Linda Eisenstein says:

        You are the cute one!!! That picture of me is about 10 years old and yes I would loved to be adopted by you!! You are the best mom that I could imagine having! Had you been my mom, my life and my children’s lives would have been so different. But yes, I am very strong from all the lessons I have learned in this life! Funny, I might be older than you. My birthday is 5-5-55!! Now if that’s not Special!!!!

          • Linda Eisenstein says:

            Oh good you are older than I am, which means you CAN adopt me!! Yeah!!!
            I have a question Sweetie! I need to order some spray that was mentioned somewhere on the site to spray in my home the day before the energy and Chakra work, but when I went back in today to order it, I was unable to find that information. Can You please tell me where to go for that. Thank you so much Elisa!!!!! Love and Light to you!!!!

  2. Misha Julian says:

    I just want to say I love you guys. Elisa you are too too funny and it warms my heart with such a laughter. I love listening to you n Erik speak love the videos in a bad or a good day always deeply uplifting. Thank you

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