Slow the Roll!

Okay, here’s a comment from one of my fave AS peeps:


It’s true. I am a TERRIBLE businesswoman, always have been, so it’s a good thing I consider it a passion rather than a business. And yes, I repeat any energy work it it’s not successful because of me. That was early on and so far doesn’t happen anymore. Knock on wood. Still, every month, I do a retrograde integration protocol to integrate any new language written in my Prayers of Intent. And every time I do a service, I ask Erik if anyone needs to have it re-done and if yes, we take care of those in one session without the need to know their names. It’s not really like doing it all over again since it’s partially successful.

Okay, as to the title. Those who know me know I have an Obsessive Compulsive Personality, so if I see an order some it, I feel compelled to take care of it right away. That’s why so many of you are surprised by the quick results. But that makes for 14 hour/7 days a week for me and one or two that were 20 hours. So for my benefit and yours (of course no sane business person would say this) please get order one service at a time. Usually, portal work is the most important followed by Empath Protection, followed by Opening Energy Blockages with Spiritual Contract Revocation as a close third. The others are less crucial. Still, it’s a good idea to wait and see how each service affects you and your family.

About family. Sometimes, when portal work isn’t as successful, we don’t know which family member might be an empath, which might have contracts to revoke and which have energy blocks, so it’ll take a consult on each one, usually only the adults and older teens. The little guys haven’t been through enough shit (Erik, stop making me say that! Actually, I do curse and love it. Sorry.) to need these services. But it’s okay to do a consult on one person at a time, starting with your gut instincts on who the “culprit” is!.

Check out this encouraging story:

Hi Elisa and Erik,

Just a quick note of appreciation to you guys. When I woke up yesterday 75% of my aches and pains had disappeared. It was quite profound. I didn’t realize what was happening until I checked my emails a couple of hours later and saw your message of the chakra work finished. Very effective!!!!Thank you so much for the extra work you both felt I needed. It will prepare me to learn, help others and pass on the good will which I am very grateful for. Keep up the great work and Merry Xmas to you both and your family. 

Michelle xx

ONE LAST IMPORTANT THING: Do NOT be alarmed (as several people who have had portal work have been) if you see a very tall, dark and massive figure standing my your bed. That’s Archangel Metatron who comes in with Archangel Rafael to clean up any stray negative energy. TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM AND ARE GRATEFUL!

I’m posting some new videos on the CE and the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channels!

18 thoughts on “Slow the Roll!

  1. joanne witts says:

    Hi Elisa –
    I had a consultation with Eric about 2 months ago. At that time he suggested portal work and chakra work. I was unsure at that time how to proceed. My son is alcoholic and as you can imagine all the negative things that happen to addicts and their families have happened. On Dec 22, my son was hit and run over by 2 separate cars. The first one, hit him, stopped, saw that he was under the car and took off. Two illegals. There is a criminal investigation going on currently. The second driver did not see him and ran over him. He is on life support with massive injuries. It is day to day now. Looking for advice on how to help him now as the situation has changed. I cannot afford a lot of services, but would like to know the most important thing I can do for him. Also, concerning is should he survive this and return to drinking, just wondering what all this is for? Doing an emotional number on his kids and family. Thank you.

  2. Jennifer Corona says:

    I have to agree with the commentator above. You and your team are so amazing and I so appreciate everything you’re sacrificing for us. Love! Love! Love! You made me start wanting to be a healer again. Thank you so much! Sending you light and love.

  3. Tanvi Ojha says:

    This is so good to hear. I’m looking forward to my family portal work 💖 Erik manifests himself in my dance class often in some way or the other mostly via music but yesterday he showed up as a dancing spider just a few steps away fm where I was dancing & put those words in my mind intuitively. It was his way of saying I have your back & how excited he’s to do my portal work .. thank you Erik I love you and Thankyou mommy Elisa for being the instrument of this healing 🙏🙏 much love T

  4. Parrottl says:

    Elisa .. I keep thinking you are talking to me with the “slow the roll” deal..I purchased the remainder of my services at one time because you were having a 10% off xmas (I think) deal…otherwise I would have spaced out. I really had no idea you would have worried about getting it done quickly. (thanks for caring about that) but I do feel like I dont know what is what! so anyway Im probably your Culprit!


  5. Amenda Lobstein says:

    I ordered Energy work the 19 of Dec.
    I believe I’m an empath and I do feel alot. But may also be blocked. Should I order consultation from Erik?😇
    Also, im moving to a different state next week does that make a difference?

  6. Paula Leonard says:

    Hi Elisa and Erik-

    When you say “your family” are they the people that live with you? I live alone. How long should I wait after a service to go to the next one? For, example: I had you two do the Portal Work and I will be getting the Empath Protection next. Do I wait 24 days after January 11, 2021 to do the Empath Protection?

    Thank You! Paula M Leonard

  7. Maestrak says:

    I have a question about your services for revoking a spiritual contract. Isn’t a spiritual contract to help the person or help others advance spiritually? And if that’s true, could revoking a spiritual contract have unintended consequences? It reminds me of the Prime Directive from Star Trek.

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      Actually, we only revoke the contracts that no longer serve and even harm the person. Here is the prayer of intent. It is with great love, respect and gratitude that I call upon Archangel Michael and His Entire Dominion to immediately, permanently, absolutely, entirely, utterly, completely, awesomely, wholly and fully revoke any and all previously agreed upon spiritual contracts that in any way hinder, obstruct, hamper, and/or negatively interfere with the spiritual evolution and/or the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and/or financial health and wellbeing and/or with any and all forms of abundance in ________.

      It is with great love, respect and gratitude that I call upon Archangel Michael and His Entire Dominion to immediately, permanently, absolutely, entirely, utterly, completely, awesomely, wholly and fully revoke any and all previously agreed upon spiritual contracts that in any way distract them from their spiritual mission and/or their life purposes and/or to make them lose their way on their spiritual path for ________.

      It is with great love, respect and gratitude that I call upon The Divine Team to immediately, permanently, absolutely, entirely, utterly, completely, awesomely, wholly and fully have this transcend lifetimes, dimensions, universes, planetary systems and Source systems and have this last from now and for all eternity.

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