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Hello my sweet Atlantis Peeps. Check out this great testimonial I got yesterday that makes this all worthwhile.

Hi Elisa 

Just to let you know your scalar energy works. I contacted you regarding my teenage daughter going in and out of psychiatric for well over a year because of psychoses. Well, the psychoses has stopped and basically the shadows she’s seen (who in psychoses tells her to go to the woods so they can inform her what to do) are totally gone. The girl started to change back to normal the week you started working.

This means she can in the future lead a normal life, after being a school drop out for a couple of years. She is still fragile since this has taken a toll on her, but most importantly she is not being sucked for energy like she used to And much more at peace.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love from Norway


Now for the other announcements. In some cases, $20 consults, Erik is piling on a lot of services so from now on I’m asking him to suggest the bare minimum, whatever is critical. And I implore you to NOT order everything at once. Let us do ONE service, then wait to see what effect it has before ordering the next one. Almost all of the energy work peaks at 14-16 days so please take baby steps. Also, Erik tells me that you can do the three step sequence from 7 days before up to 7 days after your service is performed.

This weekend, I spent several hours re-doing the energy work on people. The Divine Team said that the portal work that I didn’t do successfully were all from October: 3 families (less than 1%) 18 individuals (3%) and 8 couples (2%). There have been no errors in any energy work from November 1st through today. I guess I was still in the process of learning, but now I’m batting 100% and Erik gave me a frequency set and script to re-do those that were my bad. Didn’t give me the names because spelling them all out letter by letter is exhausting and ultimately unnecessary. Everyone is good now!

Good news: I asked Erik to try to set the price lower on the Opening Energy Blockages and he did! My almost $200. So it’s a real bargain now. Also, he told me that WE can actually revoke spiritual contracts. Archangel Michael gave me a long list of frequencies and the (rather long) script for the intent. He said it will be much more successful than going to another healer. HERE’S THE LINK:


Also, I’ve given a lot of you the incorrect link for the Healing Toolkit. (Old lady brain!) HERE IS THAT LINK:


By the way, if you order the $20 consult, please look out for the coupon code for a $20 store credit that Lukas will send you.

Last, please add me to your contacts so my emails don’t go to your spam folder. It has happened!

Chakra and empath work tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Announcements!

  1. Misha Julian says:

    I think it is important to specify that when Erik is consulting, he is not actually speaking to you about your questions.
    I believe 500% in all that you do. I also know and believe that 500% of the people need just about everything from your store. All those services.
    Which I’m sure is pretty accurate because they all complete each other.
    But when you spend the $20 for Erik to consult you, he’s not actually saying anything that pertains to anyone’s life other than just giving a list of what’s in the store to buy.
    I mean no disrespect but this whole connection thing is very deep and meaningful to people.
    So when you say Eriks going to consult, I think most people would believe it would be a personal definite relation to the specifics of the questions in their mind and heart. He is a master servant angel therefore he supposedly knows what’s going on in everyone’s life. even with the specifics told to him the only answer was the list of things you offer in your store. Energy cleansing chakra cleansing portal work.
    For any and everyone that’s quite obvious without anyone telling you these are things that need to be done.
    We all know what you sell.
    I just wanted to get a consult on specific questions I asked.
    I just think it’s important that when you’re putting this out there.
    Your customers realize the difference between Erik actually communicating personally to each individual or just consulting get some pieces of the list of what’s for sale at the store.
    Again I mean no disrespect I just wanted more of a connection from what Erik knows personally instead of the business of what could be sold.
    I thought it was a consult like a reading. A little personal reading of myself. Like a checkpoint to understand something a little deeper or to acknowledge.
    There was absolutely nothing said of the questions I asked just a list of chakra cleaning portal work etc.
    You have way way too much to give. the store is going to be just fine.
    If you’re too busy then you’re too busy, that’s fair.
    Otherwise if Eriks communicating to us specifically then he would know what is in our heart and what we are asking for.
    Anyway just a thought for future

    • admin says:

      If that’s the kind of service you need then you need to talk to a medium. I am not a medium. And a medium cost a lot more than $20. I can get messages from Erik by asking him letter by letter word by word but I am not good enough to channel him fully. Nevertheless $20 is inexpensive expensive compared to how long this takes me.

  2. Peri Norrell says:

    Rock on, Dr. Elisa, you are the bomb!! I think about what you and Erik are doing for people( myself included) and it brings tears to my eyes. I love you guys!!

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