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Solution to the Problem

I decided not to add a service for you to ask if you have any of the three things that might interfere with the success of any Atlantis Scalar service, including portal work: Being an empath, having energy blocks and/or having a spiritual contract that needs to be revoked. When you order the $20 consult, I’ll just add in those three questions. Easy peasy and no extra charge. So I encourage you to FIRST order a consult with Master Angel Erik before ordering ANYTHING else. By the way, I cleared all my energy blocks yesterday and woke up with no neck and back pain for the first time in years! I’m sure it doesn’t cure everything, but it will definitely help many issues, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

11 thoughts on “Solution to the Problem

  1. Chrissy says:

    Hi Elisa, I am confused because I originally had a consultation with Erik (27th Oct 2020) to ask what service I have should have and the reply was portal work.
    I then ordered the Portal work on (6th November 2010) which honestly I haven’t felt anything has changed and Ive meditated to see and I still didn’t feel the difference.
    Are you saying I need to purchase another service for $20 and you will ask 3 questions ?

    Sorry I know everything is new and it takes time to find a way of working .
    Love Christine x

  2. Chrissy says:

    Hi Elisa, I have ordered the consult as you suggested – see my previous reply to your latest announcement , so you can ask Erik the 3 questions. I did it now as its bedtime in the UK .

    Thank you

    Love Christine xx

  3. Amanda Jakups says:

    This is Sally Hastings. Amanda ordered the portal work for me. She is my daughter. I’m not so sure how to do this now. The spray is on the way to my house now. I don’t know how to move forward and what you are asking me to do. Amanda has to much on her plate right now and I don’t want to bother her with this. Where do I order the consult and what am I supposed to ask?

    Sally Hastings

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