I finally figured out why some (not many) people aren’t getting full success from the the Atlantis Scalar services.

If you are an empath like 35% of us are, that means you are a sieve to energy of all types, positive and negative. This makes the likelihood of success for any Atlantis Scalar service much lower.  In addition, success can be hindered if you have energy blocks like 80% of us do or if you have a previously agreed upon spiritual contract that denies you achieving complete success. Erik says 10% of you have such contracts and sadly, 4% cannot be revoked. So, be sure you find out if you are an empath, have energy blocks or spiritual contracts that can and/or need to be revoked before ordering any other service.  Lukas will put a screening service on the services page very soon so you can ask whether you have any of the three issues. PLEASE READ BELOW ABOUT WHAT ISSUES ENERGY BLOCKS CAN CAUSE.

If you are an empath and don’t get the empath protection package, have energy blocks and don’t order the opening energy blocks service, and/or have a spiritual contract that is not revoked before or shortly after we perform any other service, we cannot be responsible for a lack of complete success and I will no longer repeat the services unless these are done, if they are the cause of incomplete success.  

NOTE: You still have a 75% chance of success without clearing energy blocks and 65% chance of success if you are an empath that doesn’t get protected. It’s up to you whether you want to take the risk.  DO NOT ORDER THE OPENING ENERGY BLOCKS SERVICE YET. I’M GOING TO ASK ERIK FOR A SUBSTANTIAL PRICE DECREASE.


PLEASE NOTE THAT ENERGY BLOCKS CAN CAUSE THE FOLLOWING: Mental illness, emotional problems, spiritual illness and physical illness, including pain. If you have any of these, I suggest you ask Erik through the yes or no question if opening energy blockages will help those or not.

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve just repeated the following for all who have ordered these services in the past: empath protection, healing spiritual illness, DNA activation, opening energy blocks, overhauling chakras, opening the crown chakra, and opening the third eye. I will do the same for decalcification of the pineal gland, awakening the kundalini and all portal work, be it will take time. I hope this shows you that we do care about you and will put forth any amount of effort to see that you are happy and whole.

THIRD ANNOUNCEMENT: If you order portal work for the family and several in the household are empaths and/or have energy blocks, I’m going to ask Erik to set a price for an empath protection bundle and an energy block opening bundle when you order portal work. I’ll so the same for individual and 2-person households. Poor Lukas!!

LAST ANNOUNCEMENT: Erik says that if the Palo Santo Spray is too expensive (especially with international shipping) it’s okay to use the sticks as long as you keep it lit while you smudge. That will mean carrying a lighter or matches with you as you travel from room to room.


  1. Clare Hurkens says:

    Fantastic news… thank you Erik & Elisa. You’re going to be knackered and Lukas will have no hair left after pulling it out with all these changes, lol!

  2. Jeanne Hitchman says:

    How much would you like? Erik is my Obi-Wan Kenobi!
    One reason (besides caring for Mother Earth, promoting Dr. Emoto’s work, staying busy in winter months and health benefits of Berkey’s filter) that I decided to sell Berkeys is to develop a business for Shea to take over since he can not pass a background check. He is helping with the business but sales are so slow. He now has a camera to start posting on instagram and is going to study marketing online…keep plugin along !

  3. jimpoet@gmail.com says:

    I sent in the twenty dollars so you and Eric can tell me what I need. As Eric already knows, I am a disabled veteran and have a limited budget. Please reply and let me know what I need. I don’t want to order something that doesn’t pertain to my situation.
    Thank you,
    Jim Jamison

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