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Hello all!

Documentary filmmaker/producer/director Paola Marino request that everyone help her create the eventual scalar energy documentary by doing monthly (more or less) videos to document progress in the work you have had done, including birthmark and tattoo removal, but really anything and everything. Getting content is critical because the masses need to know that scalar energy can be the future for all healing among other things. She asks that if you use a phone, have it on a stable platform rather than holding it in your hand, orient it horizontally, have your face toward the light either coming through a window or via a lamp, and also make sure you are in a quiet place.

I have some good news for everyone! I did yet another retrograde integration to tweak all energy work done in the past. Specifically, I added that the work must be done across all 12 dimensions and all harmonic triads of energy, that spiritual contracts made by anyone, even those not in the family, must be revoked if they could hinder or block the success of your energy work and last, I’ve asked the Divine Team to overcome all resistance from the conscious and subconscious mind because attitudes like you don’t deserve the success or that it’s too good to be true can actually fight against the new reality we are trying to create for you. So the only other reason for that rare lack of success is the presence of a contract that is completely irrevocable and not honored yet or not everyone was listed for the household in the case of portal work.

Many of you seem to not get my emails that your work was completed and it usually is because it went to spam so please whitelist my email address so you don’t miss anything. Usually, I do the yes or no questions and healing recs in 48 hours or less and the rest of the energy work, including portal work, usually has a 1-2 week backlog.

About volunteers: You must have had super portal work to revoke contracts among other things so I don’t waste hours and hours and in some cases like the cancer cure and the autism cure, days and days of futile effort. The work is tedious and grueling at the same time. You must also agree to provide some form of testimonial, preferably video. I think that is fair energy exchange.

If you have had success, please share with appropriate Facebook groups to get the word out there. For instance, is you’ve enjoyed success from the autism service or problem child or pet behavior service, share that with the appropriate groups. Help others in need.

Please only put down one name for the healing recs and all energy work. ONLY the super portal work requires all names in the household.

Almost last: when you order a service for someone else, they don’t have to know. We always get permission from their Higher Self.

Last (I promise) Be sure to subscribe to the AS YouTube channel and hit the notifcation bell so you can find out about new services and new volunteer opportunities.


Archangel Erik and the rest of the Divine Team (and me)

7 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Inaya Kadry says:

    Hello to you and Erik I purchased the teeth and gum healing but then realized that I needed portal work so I purchased that I just want to know if the work on portal should be done first? Thank you so much and may god give you the strength and energy to complete this task! Love you so much ❤️

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