Vital Memorial Day Announcements

All things not of Love and Light, particularly reptilians, have been ramping up their offensive against us. They’ve been causing the emails I send to you to “get lost” (probably in that same dimension where all those mateless docks wind up) and they’ve tried to (unsuccessfully) delete language in my intent scripts and they’ve of course tried to prevent the success of our energy work, among other things. Plus, they play tug-o-war with my dowsing rods when I answer yes or no questions and when I get information for the healing recommendations. Specifically, they try to deny empaths the healing kit or they try to deny them the help of a specific healer or service. But I have so many checks and balances and a very long protocol to put them in their place when I do this sort of work. And now we have language in all scripts to get rid of these bastards forever.

I also want you all to know that we are tied at the hip forever. I am constantly tweaking your previous services, integrating new language and even having the Divine Team re-do all work that is not 100% complete and successful. I assemble such people as a nameless collective. Erik gives me the number of people who need it (usually just one or two) but I don’t bother getting the names of these people (or animals, of course) because it takes too long to spell those names out and as long as Erik knows who they are, I’m okay with that. What I’m saying is IF YOU THINK YOUR ENERGY WORK ISN’T TO YOUR SATISFACTION, JUST BE PATIENT AND WAIT BECAUSE SHORT OF IRREVOCABLE CONTRACTS THAT CAN NOT BE REVOKED, WE WILL GET YOU THERE.

I also want you to know that I asked Erik (well, I begged, actually) to lower the price for the autism cure and the cancer cure. Even though these two are a multi-day process, I wasn’t happy with the $2500 price tag so I got him to reduce it by $1000. (And it includes the $400 super portal work so I am pleased.)

Another announcement: We’ve changed the stuttering relief service to a service that takes care of all speech pathology including but not limited to stuttering and other fluency disorders, apraxia, articulation, sound and resonance disorders and speech issues related to ADHD and autism.

Last few announcements: Please be patient with me. I’m about 1.5 weeks backlogged, but I do, with great joy, work like a dog 7 days a week for you.

For the upcoming documentary, the producer/director/filmmaker, Paola Marino, wants to encourage everyone who receives a service to start a photo or video log. When documenting things like birthmark or tattoo removal, please be sure it’s in the same place with the same lighting. Outdoors is great for those two.

Last (I promise) do NOT forget to subscribe to this site and the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel ( so you can find out about new services and new free volunteer opportunities. If you want to be a volunteer for something specific, please make sure it’s not already available on the site. If it is, that means it’s no longer in test phase and we don’t need volunteers anymore.

Thanks, love you all and Happy Memorial Day. Pray for our veterans.

7 thoughts on “Vital Memorial Day Announcements

  1. Cindy Gleason says:

    I want to thank you and Erik and all others that are working so hard and sacrificing your time to help better the lives of so many. Sending lots of love to you from Utah. ❤💙💚

  2. AngelaBassi says:

    🌏✌ I am personally so grateful for ALL that you do for US & Me… 🧚🏼‍♂️😇🙏💚💙😘 I love you!
    Love, Light & Healing Blessings,
    Angie B *)

  3. Maryann Ortega says:


    Try a bobber from Raymon Grace. He is a Silva method grad. from years ago, and the best dowser on the planet. He can help you with your dowsing, and probably scare the reps. off too.

  4. Kim Campbell says:

    Thank you for all that you & Erik do. I am looking forward to have my neck & spine ro be perfectly aligned & no longer has any OPLL 🙏🏼🌹🌹🌹

  5. Margaret Schneider says:

    Elisa – I have “opened the door” for someone that could really use your and Erik’s help… do you now have or are working on something that would help her? I already asked Erik to check her out, so … maybe he has?
    Her issues are:
    ” Since my brain tumor I developed FMS and mitochondria disease and I’m in a lot of pain, don’t sleep well and have no energy. My feet get so hot you could fry bacon on them and they hurt so I can’t stand or walk long. ”

    Please let me know if you are working on something that could help….. or are planning to.

    Thank you for all you do..

    • Elisa Medhus says:

      Sorry I keep forgetting to check these comments!! Maybe she can get the healing recs so we can figure out the bare minimum to help her and if there’s some volunteer stuff we can put her in?

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