BEWARE OF YOUR THOUGHTS! (and new services coming!)

The main topic of today: THOUGHT CREATES REALITY! Almost everyone (96%) has had 100% success from their scalar energy services. In that 4% who did not, many were because of Reptilians and other things not aligned with their Greatest Good, but over the last 10-14 days, we’ve gotten rid of all of them and placed a permanent block so that they do not return. The last “burning their asses in the Blue Fire Flame of Justice” happened late last night and Erik confirmed there are none left. HOWEVER, as you will see in a video that will be released on the AS YouTube channel, another cause of incomplete success is when the person receiving the service or someone in their life has a strong belief that it won’t work or the attitude that they are not worthy of that success. I’ve added language that will hopefully make the intent script stronger than those self-defeating thoughts but it’s an uphill battle. So, BE WARY OF YOUR THOUGHTS! I encourage you to tweak that negative perspective by watching the short testimonial videos on the YouTube channel or, if it’s because of someone else, have that person watch them. Here is the channel link (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL:

Erik and I made the decision to make special arrangements for people with cancer. It’s such a hardship for both patient and family that we don’t want to add to that hardship financially, so we decided that for those of you who can’t afford the service, you would only pay half ($750) when there is a significant sign of improvement and the rest ($750) upon cure or remission. I hope that helps. Just email us if you fit that category. If you are not in financial straits, please know that this doesn’t apply to you because this service takes many days, many hours every day.

BAD NEWS: I have had to hire a lawyer because YouTuber Deadwing Dork has released this video, chock full of lies and one commenter added a link encouraging people to contact the FDA to have me shut down so that I can’t anyone ever again. Horrible things said that made me cry like how I probably drove my own son to kill himself, etc. Argh. WHEN WILL THE DARK SIDE STOP? Here’s the link: Please don’t be cruel to him if you want to comment because he’s probably been influenced by evil nasties. Send him love and light and prayers instead.

Another announcement: I had a brilliant idea (or it was channeled to me): I asked Erik if, from time to time, we can add a surprise service to each person’s energy work and he said YES! Watch the video coming out Monday to find out more!


Benign Essential Hypertension: (I am now finally off of all blood pressure meds and my BP is averaging 120/78!

Relief from Snoring (Worked like a charm on my hubby, Mr. Freight Train.) No more sleeping on the couch for me.

One more thing:

Note: Awarding winning Director/Filmmaker/Producer Paola Marino is going to be making a documentary about Scalar energy, specifically the Atlantis Scalar story and wants me to ask everyone to help provide content by the submission of photos or videos or both to establish success and specifically progress over a timeline. You could be completely anonymous, of course! Hope you can help her! She’s amazing. Here’s a short trailer for one of her films. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE submit videos if you can! (and don’t forget to subscribe to this site for upcoming volunteer opportunities!)

4 thoughts on “BEWARE OF YOUR THOUGHTS! (and new services coming!)

  1. Lisell says:

    Hi Elisa, this is unfortunate. Other channels are blocking comments from videos because they are being tracked as well (not just the content of the videos) and some channels have been taken down… just saying in case you’re interested. God bless you 🙂

  2. Gretchen Branam says:

    ArchAngel Erik and Dr. Elisa,
    I have had portal work completed March since then our home environment has been so peaceful (3 weeks after service). I’m able to concentrate better. A lot less tension between my Mom and me. Blessings to you and your family and Channeling Erik family. 😇🙏

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