Yes or No Question and Other Announcements

Hi all! I just recorded a YouTube that will come out on Monday explaining these things and more so BE SURE to subscribe to the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel and hit the notification bell.

So here it is. The Dark Side hates what we’re doing so much that it takes me sometimes up to an hour to clear them away so that I can get accurate answers to your yes or no questions (which I ALWAYS confirm with Archangel Metatron) and it’s not worth putting aside or delaying my other energy work and certainly not work my time for $6 so I am gathering up mediums to take over for me on this. Also, if your questions relate to what AS services you need, you can get the healing recs. Just look up the link under the Answers category.

Erik decided that he wants to be very generous with Mama’s time and wants to surprise people with a gift of a free service from time to time, but only for those ordering services costing $400 or more. I can’t do a freebie that takes 6-14 hours for those ordering the chakra service for $65 that takes 1.5 hours. That wouldn’t be fair energy exchange. I’m not sure why he wants to do this anyway because I’m nearing the point when I will have to turn orders away. But maybe this means he will help me find a way to do this all more quickly. If you do get the gift, you HAVE to indicate which of Erik’s choices you want and who you want it for.

Last, on Monday’s video, I will share what you need to say to get rid of all nasties and shield yourself.

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Have a lovely weekend!

3 thoughts on “Yes or No Question and Other Announcements

  1. Kelly Brennan says:

    I love what you do. I really enjoy you and Eric. You were the one that got me to even know what channeling is many years ago. So I cannot Thankyou enough. 💕💕💕

  2. Gretchen Kleer says:

    Greetings Mama Medhus! What you are doing is so important to humanity and this planet, thank you for being (as Jen Ward would say) a badass in energy! I continue to pray for your protection and guidance. All my love to you and your family ( on both sides of the veil ).

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