Important News for June!

So much has changed that I want to share with you, like sweet Atlantis Scalar peeps! First, I have grown so much in the last few weeks. I discovered that I have galactic roots that run very deep as a healer with the ability to transmute energy with Love. And wow it works! So this new “Healing the Collective and Mother Earth” energy work I do daily in the scalar field (and will do daily for 8 weeks and will repeat twice a year, is part of my life’s mission as one of the humans supervised by Guardian Angel Veronica in her angelic project, Project Victory Earth.

Because I have learned to use that power of Love, the scalar work is going more smoothly and quicker so I asked Erik to reduce prices and, as many of you know, he agreed and we did. Some people have questioned this. One even asked if I lowered prices because of the fear of legal liability but no, I did this because I’m not doing this to make myself a wealthy woman. I do this because it’s but one way to make sure my son’s death is NOT a tragic waste and because I love you. I love humanity. I love Mother Earth. I love it all. I get paid in the ability to Love. HOWEVER, this is only a trial. IF IT ENDS UP THAT LOWERING PRICES DOESN’T ALLOW ME TO PAY LUKAS’S SALARY AND OTHER OVERHEAD, THEN I WILL HAVE TO RETURN TO PREVIOUS PRICES. Fingers crossed, please.

MOST IMPORTANT: Erik and I have DRASTICALLY changed all Prayers of Intent. One of the biggest changes: everyone will be protected by FIVE specific shields so that things like Reptilians can’t come in and impede success of the energy work we do or have done on you or to make it short-lived. We had been seeing this particularly in Earth Angels and other lightworkers because these bad characters do NOT want those humans to succeed and go on to help humanity. SO IF YOU HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED THE SUCCESS YOU EXPECTED OR IF THAT SUCCESS HAS BEEN SHORT-LIVED, THEN DON’T WORRY. WE ARE SPENDING THIS WEEK TO INTEGRATE THIS NEW INTENT SCRIPT, SHIELDS AND ALL, INTO EVERYONE’S ENERGY FROM WORK DONE EVEN FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF ATLANTIS SCALAR. Give it a couple of weeks. Many of you might not know that your paying for and receiving the services does NOT stop there. I, Erik and the rest of the Divine Team continue to work on you and today, we finished working on the last 11 people who still had aliens from nefarious races around them, then we applied the 5 shields.

Look, I know this shit works! For me, NO MORE BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS! No more urge to drink wine every night. My cholesterol and other lipids are at perfect levels off of Crestor. I no longer take Effexor, a medication that was my constant partner for decades.


COVID-19 Infection and/or the COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Effects



Selfishness and Self-Centeredness

Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence

Metabolic Syndrome

Complete Pathogen Cleanse

Complete Chemical and Heavy Metal Detoxification

Optimization of Sexual Libido

Borderline Personality Disorder

Microbiome Optimization and Relief from Leaky Gut Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Lipid Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Final housekeeping: Please do NOT order Yes or No questions because I don’t have time to answer them anymore. I kept the product page up because it has the links to mediums who offer the same: Answering yes or no questions for a very low price.

LAST: Please subscribe to the Atlantis Scalar YouTube Channel and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss big sales and offers for free services. Subscribe to emails from this site too. I WILL NOT POST CRAP. AND I WILL NOT GIVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANYONE. EVER. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

2 thoughts on “Important News for June!

  1. Cristina Moreira says:

    It’s so wonderful to witness your growth Elisa! And it is easy to see it in your youtube videos. It is easy to feel that immense Love that you bless us with.
    When you cry, I cry with you. When you love, I do love with you! But I also laugh with your “silly” jokes!
    Thank you and Erik for keeping working on the protection shields and above all for wanting our wellbeing and happiness!
    I’m also very grateful to both of you for your generosity and the new services.
    I start to be addicted to your amazing Scalar work!
    Blessings and squeezy loving hugs!

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