Back to School/Labor Day Sale!

Erik wanted me to do a Back to School/Labor Day sale on this, the most crucial of all Atlantis Scalar Services (FORMERLY KNOWN AS SUPER PORTAL WORK WITH INCREASED VIBRATION.)

I’m not sure how long he wants me to continue this sale but I’m assuming it’s through Labor Day, September 6th. I’m supposed to ask him again on September 1st.

Take advantage of the $75 off via the Refer-a-Friend option at the top of the AS pages.

The BOOST PROTOCOL is doing very well. I’ve already had people tell me their previous energy work has regained life and some of the two percenters (those who haven’t received benefits like the rest of the 98% have) are now starting to reap those benefits. I have one more weekend doing this special frequency set and script in the scalar field. Unfortunately, Erik tells me it will take 20 hours on Saturday and 16-20 hours on Sunday so if everyone can keep emails to a minimum this weekend and on Monday (a much needed day of rest) then I would appreciate it!

1 thoughts on “Back to School/Labor Day Sale!

  1. Pamela says:

    I really appreciate all that you do Elisa! Dear Erik, how wonderful to have you as my friend! My Thank to Our Source, God, Universe! So grateful …. I have been so blessed to receive lots of messages from Jesus and Mother Mary, through Channelers. Wow!

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