First, before I get to the topic at hand, I want to let you know that the next Atlantis Scalar YouTube Live is coming up on August 26 at 4:30 PM CT. You don’t want to miss the if you want to ask questions about services you have had or services you might be interested in. Sign up here:

Also, don’t forget the temporary sale on “Super Portal Work” which is now called “Energy Repair, Protection and Enhancement.” Why the change? Erik says it’s time for me to reach out to sectors of the population who are skeptical of all things “spiritual” and advised me to strip all of what might be considered “woo-woo” from the website. Now, it’s all based on physics, making it a lot easier for you to refer friends and families for services. Now, you can watch them transform their “realities’ for the better. Here’s the link for the sale:

We also have a new service: Relief from Autoimmune Disease for humans and animals:

We will release the Relief from Parkinson’s Disease in the next 24-48 hours.

One important housekeeping note: It is no longer required to spray the Palo Santo and play the two tones throughout the home prior to portal work. Erik and crew will take care of that for us. He felt it was getting in the way of people wanting to purchase portal work for the skeptics in their lives that they love and want to help without their knowledge.

Another housekeeping note: If you’ve ordered Weight Optimization, Erik strongly suggest you try the “Intermittent Fasting” technique. There are several options for doing this, all available through Google or through the book called “The Obesity Code” and others. Doing both the scalar service and this type of diet works MIUCH better than doing either of these two alone. It’s surprisingly easy, too.

NOW FOR THE MAIN TOPIC: I’m pleased to announce that people are emailing me right and left about the hugely positive effect our annual “Boost Protocol” has had on them. With this special intent script and frequency set, we fill any gaps in the scalar services and give them the shot in the arm they need. Most notably, accrued energy blocks are cleared, but there are other things involved. I’ve been doing this on weekends only and each weekend day it’s been taking me 16-20 hours. Tomorrow will be the last day and we will have performed it on all AS clients since the beginning of August 2020 when this all started. BE SURE TO SHARE YOUR SUCCESS STORIES. It’ll be easier now with the woo-woo free site.

LOVE YOU ALL! (Please limit emails through Monday. This is exhausting work.)


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