New Maintenance Services (and Storm a Brewin’!)

First, a housekeeping note: TROPICAL STORM NICHOLAUS is barreling toward us. That means power outages and surges are likely and since the Scalar Energy transmitter and receiver are very delicate (and expensive) pieces of equipment, I will have to keep them unplugged until the storm passes. So orders will be delayed. I’d appreciate it if you would not email me asking when your order will be complete. You will be notified and these huge numbers of emails only service to cut time away from the main work I do.

Another important note: Thank you for providing all full names and addresses with your order because this is what the scalar field reads and what it needs as a biofield that will receive the intent script (a la Thought Creates Reality.) Please do NOT include people who don’t live with you because not only does this take a lot more time for me, it can also be very dangerous for that person. Why? Because we’re not treating his or her home, the land it’s on and all possessions any of which might be infected with negative entities/energy and other nasty things. These will only get enraged and make that person’s life a living hell.

FOR THE TWO PERCENTERS who aren’t getting the results they want from scalar work. You MUST listen to this YouTube because this might be the answer for you!

Last note before the main announcement: So many people are begging me to do work on them for free. I conferred with Erik and we came to the decision that we can no longer do this except when we need volunteers to test new services. Asking for me to do this grueling work for free is like asking your doctor to treat your cancer for free or to expect an HVAC professional to install a new AC when yours breaks. Even if your life is in danger from high temperatures, they aren’t going to do that. Nor is a plumber going to, out of the kindness of their heart, fix your busted pipes. This is a difficult decision for me to make, because I’m such a softie with an aversion to charging money, but YOU need to be responsible for your road to abundance, health and happiness. It can’t be solely my responsibility. My prices are already so low that I make less than minimum wage. So appeal to family and friends or your church. Sell some of your discretionary possessions. Use GoFundMe. Find your own power.

And now for the main announcement:

Check out these two new Atlantis Scalar Services, both tune-ups for prior energy work. One is for portal work (now called Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement) and the other for all other scalar energy work whether you’ve had one service or 20 in the past. All one low price.

Our energy needs maintenance. You get annual checkups with your healthcare provider. You get regular dental cleaning every 6 months and your car also gets regular maintenance. That said, it should come as no surprise the energy of our bodies, our homes, the land our home is on, our possessions and all lifeforms living with us should have regular maintenance. So if you notice previous awesome results waning, often the results of accumulation of energy blocks from stress, trauma, environmental pollution from cell phone and computer use among other reasons, this is the logical step for you.

Note: This is also the perfect solution for those of you who didn’t provide correct names and addresses the first go-round, so you don’t have to repeat the whole service at its original cost.

*Not everyone needs these services. If you are not sure, tap into your intuition or ask during one of our radio shows or during a YouTube Live. You can also click on one of the three links on the yes/no service page on the site under the “Answers” category.

For those who have had previous “portal work” or “Super Portal Work”:

Energy Repair, Protection and Enhancement Tune-Up

For those who have had other Atlantis Scalar work such as Age Reversal, Weight Optimization, Eyesight Optimization, etc.:

Atlantis Scalar Energy Work Tune-Up

3 thoughts on “New Maintenance Services (and Storm a Brewin’!)

  1. Diana Vereecken says:

    Hi Elisa. I recently purchased “Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement”, but I did not give you my middle name. Does that mean I didn’t get the work done for me and my home?

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