Calling all Earth Angels

CALLING ALL EARTH ANGELS! Don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show TOMORROW at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. CALLING ALL EARTH ANGELS! Do you know, or think you are an EARTH ANGEL? Elisa and Erik help many Earth Angels with Atlantis Scalar! This show is for YOU, the Earth Angels! Host is Elisa Medhus Co-Host Michelle Gray. Last if you want to talk to Erik, call into 646-716-9735 You can also access the show through

Cool Phenomena Seen!

Before I make other announcements, I want to share two phenomena. A number of people who have received scalar services have seen cool things. Some see lights from prisms in the shape of angels. Others have seen three lights flying around like little fireflies. One is always Erik and the other two are likely spirit guides. Very cool confirmation that they have your back.

Newest Addition to Our Services:


Any condition, disease or disorder not covered by the current list of scalar services can now be addressed! How? With our new “Custom Scalar Energy Work.” This can be a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue.

Erik and I decided to do this because I am constantly receiving emails requesting new services. For instance many have asked: “When are you going to have a service for carsickness?” Or “When will you release a scalar treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome?” And there are dozens of others just like these. So Erik says he can help me create a tailor-made intent script (with my knowledge of medical physiology, etc.) And he also creates a personalized frequency set to address just about anything. Here’s the link:

Custom Scalar Energy Work

Maintenance is Vital!

DO NOT FORGET: Our energy needs maintenance. You get annual checkups with your healthcare provider. You get regular dental cleaning every 6 months and your car also gets regular maintenance. That said, it should come as no surprise the energy of our bodies, our homes, the land our home is on, our possessions and all lifeforms living with us should have regular maintenance.

So if you notice previous awesome results waning, often the results of accumulation of energy blocks from stress, trauma, environmental pollution from cell phone and computer use among other reasons, this is the logical step for you.

Note: This is also the perfect solution for those of you who didn’t provide correct names and addresses the first go-round. This way, you don’t have to repeat the whole service at its original cost.

*Not everyone needs these services. If you are not sure, tap into your intuition or ask during one of our radio shows or during a YouTube Live. You can also click on one of the three links on the yes/no service page on the site under the “Answers” category.

For those who have had previous “portal work” or “Super Portal Work”:

Energy Repair, Protection and Enhancement Tune-Up

For those who have had other Atlantis Scalar work such as Age Reversal, Weight Optimization, Eyesight Optimization, etc.:

Atlantis Scalar Energy Work Tune-Up

Free Healing Recommendations!

Here’s another important update. Now, when you order the Healing Recommendations, you will get a coupon. That coupon will cover its entire cost to use against any Atlantis Scalar energy work. This makes it essentially cost-free.

Last, please do not ask questions via a comment here. I rarely have time to read them given the emails I get. It’s best best to email them to me if your question is super important.

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  1. Jane Morrow says:

    THANK YOU for this session! Erik told me (through you) that I am an Earth Angel and since then, I’m looking for clues about what I can do in this capacity. This answered many of my questions. Blessings on you and your family.

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