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Business Abundance Service


Gain financial abundance for your business! BEST INVESTMENT THAT YOU MIGHT EVER MAKE!

In the scalar field, the intent script calls for maximum quarterly profits among other things.

What’s Included in the Business Abundance Service:

NOTE: TO ENSURE SUCCESS, ENERGY REPAIR, PROTECTION AND ENHANCEMENT MUST BE PERFORMED ON THE BUILDING OF THE BUSINESS AS WELL AS THE LAND IT’S ON AND ALL LIFEFORMS IN THE BUILDING, BOTH PART TIME AND FULL TIME! This takes a minimum of 14 hours just by itself BUT WE INCLUDE ENERGY REPAIR PROTECTION AND ENHANCEMENT ON THE PLACE OF BUSINESS AS WELL.Opening closed portals in the energy of the structure, all contents and all lifeforms in the business will help bring in financial abundance.

We also include the abundance energy work on the business, too.


NOTE: IF THIS IS A HOME-BASED BUSINESS, WE STILL NEED TO INCLUDE EACH AND EVERY LIFEFORM LIVING UNDER THE ROOF. Regular Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement service requires this as well, and we include Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement on that place of business as part of the total cost.

SECOND NOTE: If your business has multiple locations, each will have to have this service separately to achieve business abundance for the company as a whole.

Increase the financial abundance for your business regardless of size.


You can expect results in 4 to 6 months, perhaps sooner. Since employees come and go, you must repeat annually. Why? Because the energy of the company changes when those in the company change. KEEP THAT FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE COMING FOR YOUR BUSINESS!


PRICE IS PER EVERY 10 PERSONS WHO WORKS AT THE COMPANY, INCLUDING OWNERS. For instance it’s $750 for every 10 employees but again, this includes the Energy Repair Protection and Enhancement, which, alone, costs $400. Click HERE to order!


Required: Full legal names of everyone working in the company and full legal names of all other people and animals living at the address and the physical address of the company.

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    • Elisa Medhus says:

      Yes, but first see if the ERPE for your household brings in that abundance, especially if you had it after the 10th of October with the addition of those 7 enhancements

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