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This Past Week

Hi beautiful people,

Last week was a bit of a shock for me because the anniversary of Erik’s death hit me much harder than it has in recent years. As the clock ticked on, my thoughts were “This is the last time I saw him walk upstairs.” “This is the moment he pulled the trigger (12:41 PM)” “This is when Maria called me saying she heard a loud sound and she was afraid.” “This is the time we were racing home, everyone in the car screaming,” “this is the time that I ran across the front lawn to the door, stumbling.” “This is the moment I saw him.” I’ll never forget that smell of gun powder. “This is the moment the police ushered me away from his lap.” “This is the moment the cornea bank called” “This is the moment I heard the sounds of the crime scene cleanup crew ripping up his carpet.” and it went on and on like that the entire day.

It started when my energy was invaded by something very dark while working on someone’s beloved son so I think that’s what happened. I’ve cleaned my energy since but still feel a bit off. Getting better day by day. I just need to get through tomorrow, the anniversary of my baby’s burial.

My husband saw the shape I was in and whisked me for a very short stay up in the mountains of Colorado, but I couldn’t fully unwind and won’t until probably after tomorrow. Work will also help as will any news of successes from any of you.

That said, I’m so sorry for canceling the CE YouTube Live. It was on that dreaded anniversary and I couldn’t stop crying long enough to make any intelligent conversation. And I won’t be able to do the radio show because that’s tomorrow, the other dreaded anniversary.

Not sure i’ll every be completely unbroken, but I heal best by healing others and I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to do that for you.

I have around a week and a half backlog, but I know I can trim that to a week or less soon.

Thanks for understanding,


18 thoughts on “This Past Week

  1. says:

    ❤ Thank you for everything you do. You reach far. I am one of those who rarely ever comment, but you and Erik have had such an impact on my life. The book, you sharing so openly, the trust that this creates – for you, Erik and your work. It is so valuable. I just learned to use the pendulum through your video. It is amazing. Thank you ❤

  2. Jane Morrow says:

    Elisa! Please! You have done so much for so many already. You need self-care, too. We all mourn your loss with you, and yet we are so grateful for all you and he are doing for us now. You know he is with you always.

  3. KathleenA says:

    My dearest Elisa,
    I wonder if it would be wise to do another session with Soul Happy while you are not taking the Effexor. Im not suggesting you take it again because without it you feel the emotions we are meant to feel. Another Soul Happy session may help you make further strides in healing.

    The strength required of you to get through the last few weeks cannot be measured in human terms. I am sending Holy Fire Reiki to help you feel the JOY in what you, Erik and the divine team do together to save lives.
    Thank you for helping me get out of bed each day through the work you do.
    With great love,
    Kathleen Anderson

  4. Moniearthangel says:

    May God and all the Archangels protect you and comfort you in these difficult days.
    When you cry I cry, when you hurt, I hurt, all the love always and A big heartfelt hug 🤗 love 💕 Vic & Moni

  5. Misha Julian says:

    Completely understood and I hold you with such love.
    I don’t think there’s a video that you ever did that I did not feel your tears, in each one.
    The lump in your throat my throat and the desperate cry as you reach further to help all of us.
    It’s impossible not to feel your heart burst into tears Even though you make every attempt to disguise it.
    My heart holds you with such love and appreciation and so gratefully for sharing that beautiful love for your child and that beautiful child of yours for touching all of our hearts with so much, unbelievable, incredible love.
    Unfortunately you will always have that pain and that memory we all struggle with, the absence in missing to hold your loved one in your arms once again, to have a conversation and laugh and play.
    You my dear are such a warrior, you push every envelope to reach further.
    And the gift you have given so many in hopes of holding on, is the gift of your son. My God I love that kid! He’s such a beautiful representation of love on and across all realms he is such a light and I am grateful to you both. It is we who thank you for giving us the opportunity that in your deepest sorrow and anguish,
    You illuminate such a bright light from your son Erik. A light that has created a host of movements of love, Ty
    For the record we are all, well I don’t believe in the word broken, we don’t ever get to unbroken but we do learn to take a breath and breathe once again.
    We once stopped breathing and in time we learn to breathe again.
    If you want to say broken then you my dear friend are the most beautiful broken that has sent fireworks uplifting ” the world” , if only to breathe.
    This whole channeling Erik and Atlantis scalar is such a treasured gift to our life and I pray all life is treasured by this gift from you and Erik and your beautiful family. Ty

  6. leannr2021 says:

    Blessings to you! Though I can’t grasp the hurt and grief of losing an adult child, I do know the debilitating feeling of overwhelming grief. Thank you for all you do to heal us all. ❤️

  7. shannon thornton says:

    I have no words- I do have the highest among high and I ask all to join me in thanking this woman and her family. To join in healing and knowing that our health and happiness won’t erase any pain, but will shine on to light the way for others. I am so sorry for what you have endured and in such awe of the innocent beauty you have set free in so many of us!!!! Sincerely, my life and love are because of what you have shown .

    • says:

      Thank you Shannon the same but I couldn’t say. I am so new to this and I’m almost 74 years old but I want to learn and help others also before I leave this Earthly plane thank you thank you thank you

  8. Dean UK says:

    I am so sorry Elisa. You are so loved. I spent much of THAT day meditating for your family. To make you feel better, I certainly will upload a video in a few weeks about my Portal Work 6 weeks ago. Beyond the fireflies, I have had wonderful spiritual empowerment. Psychologically much more positive and accepting of myself. My Sever Social Anxiety Disorder is softening its 40 year grip on me. Physically, my skin has improved and I am seeing drops in my blood sugars, pulse rate and BP. Happy also to be sober and into my second week. Massive thanks to you Erik and the divine team. I have an appointment with Courtney on November 1st and will progress from there, perhaps to the Social Anxiety Scalar work. Love you! Dean UK

  9. Lizzie Murphy says:

    Hi Elisa – firstly I want to send you my deepest, heartfelt love. Grief can be shockingly difficult to deal with and I’m so sorry it has been such an extra bad experience for you this anniversary. The most constructive thing I can say is – Erik ‘allowed’ this grief for a reason. What is it teaching you? What will it encourage you to do? I do hope it’s more energy work because it really works and I’ll send you my testimonial soon xx

  10. Sandra Binder says:

    Elisa, I felt a connection to you the moment I saw you. Our personalities have so much in common you would not believe me here. But please know that I love you. Sandra

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